Anyone heard of this JW counselor Online? Interesting...

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  • unclebruce

    psst doc,

    don't be too quick to dis the dub trappa .. with your qualifications and my cunning .. we could make a fortune by converting lost sheep into found sheep. And they won't get a ticket to heaven for a $20 donation either. We'll up grade 'em to a platinum class ticket and charge according to the time honoured biblical principleā„¢ "give until it hurts".

    think about it doc .. by xmas we could be flying first class around the world baptising people in holy champers and signing them up to donate 10% of everything they've got ..

    Geez there aren't many overheads either - we're already computered up. We just have to get our carrots and sticks in order. A few catchy phrases to like - "Tithe for Christ's sake!" "Honk if you Love Jehovah"... if recruiting gets slow we'll dig up a holy relic or two: the long lost "Golden Ephod of Zerrubberballs" or "the unholey underpants of St. Matthew". If that doesn't work we can get a bit showy and introduce 'Acts of the apostatesā„¢' like the fabulous Belly Dancing Nuns of Antioch

    ..and it can all begin with dispensing just a little of our wit charm and wisdom via e-mail .. phht how easy is this

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    About Dr. Derrick Lovelle Whitt

    Former Jehovah's Witness for fifteen years, Dr. Derrick is now actively pursuing, publishing and proclaiming Jehovah's Wisdom....

    Education Doctor of Ministry in Pastoral Studies (2002)
    St. Luke Evangelical School of Biblical Studies, Hephzibah, GA

    St. Luke Evangelical School Of Biblical Studies is the educational outreach ministry of The First International Church Of The Web and is not an accredited school, and has no plans to seek such accreditation. The credits earned by completing these lessons are non-academic and are not transferable to any other school, college, or university. Any certificates granted upon the completion of these lessons will be officially recognized by this school, The First International Church Of The Web, its membership, and its chartered churches.

    So no accredation there.

    Bachelor of Arts in Religious Counseling (2001)
    American College, Golden Valley, MN

    American College of Metaphysical Theology degree programs are not designed to meet any particular local, state or national licensing or credentialing laws, nor to meet any requirements established by any private independent associations. If you are seeking a degree for licensing purposes, the American College of Metaphysical Theology advises you to check with that association, state, or specific school district to determine if it is acceptable.

    Nope no accredation there either

    Biblical Studies Certificate (1999)
    Hearing of Faith Bible Institute, Axtell, TX

    Well I tried several different links and this one is no longer on the net. But according to the Google search

    FREE CORRESPONDENCE BIBLE SCHOOL - Free Bible Studies by ...

    That doesn't look like a place where one would get accredation

    Computer Software Training Certificate (1998)
    Business and Information Technology Certificate (1998)
    Basic Clerical Skills (1998)
    State University of New York Educational Opportunity Center, Syracuse, NY

    I highly doubt these would give him accredation and an accredited counselor

    Professional Experience Certified Pastoral Counselor, New Life Ministries (2001 - present), Syracuse, NY
    Minister, New Life Ministries (1998 - present), Syracuse, NY
    Senior Counselor, Central New York Services, Syracuse, NY (2002 - 2003)
    Minister, Beulah Baptist Church, Syracuse, NY (1999 - 2000))
    Minister, Hebrew Baptist Church, Syracuse, NY (1999 - 2000)

    Professional Licenses Pastoral Counseling (#100101DLW), National Association of Certified Christ-based Counselors

    This one was rather interesting. Part of the exam asks:

    NACCBC's certification program must not be confused with state licensing requirements for...?


    Individuals interested in state licensing should...?

    I especially liked this part

    Don't be fooled by state licensing, which has no regard for Christ-based related counseling methods. And counselors who are graduates of Christian colleges or members of Christian counseling associations can also be misleading. Ask for specific Christian counseling credentials such as certification, licensing, and standards, or else you will be vulnerable to atheist-based psycho-socio therapy disguised with shallow prayer and sprinkled scripture text

    Now that sounds to me like only OUR counseling is worth anything. It is certainly better than college and university programs where students actually have to study human behavior and complete examines and do internships

  • Tigerman

    Lady Lee

    First, let me apologize for that generalization. you are absolutely right . . .even as I typed it I felt a twang of " crossing the line, " if you will. No, I don't know what is being done to help people know the " real truth " about JW's. I should have more faith in people on this board ; people that truly want to help others understand what the WTS is all about.

    I think I'm being a little too sensitive about this subject right now because of the action at Michigan State on the 24th. where my flyers that counterpointed the screening of " Knocking" were not passed out. Bottom line ? . . . I'm irritated with people that say one thing and do another( reps from East Lansing Film Festival at Michigan State U. in Lansing, Mi. where " Knocking was shown ).

    We can solve ' the problems' . . .but only with a sound attitude. Again, I'm sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings. I've been told that I lack tact.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Not to worry about it Tigerman. Sorry to hear about the flyers.

    There really are a lot of people who do good. I too have a dread of aversion to people who say one thing and do another.

    Regarding this fellow, I sincerely hope anyone who is thinking about this takes a long cold look at what he says are his credentials. Misrepresenting oneself has been done to death and I would hate to see any JW get caught in his scam.

    There really are some great counselors out there. And I do believe that internet counseling can work for "some" people.

    I actually have an on-line counseling service but I am not working so the link is not readily available. But if you go to the link Lee Marsh On-Line Counseling and check out the link Ethics and Legalities to get an idea of what a real counselor would have on their site. I checked out many other on-line counselors. Some can be easily spotted as scams. Others are a little harder to detect. But anyone searching for on-line support really needs to check out the person they contract to work with.

  • misspeaches

    Hey Lady Lee I tried clicking on your links and they wouldn't work...

    Tigerman - my two cents... Submitting your opinion in a discussion board, assessing what others have said and drawing a conclusion from it is nothing to be sorry for.

  • unclebruce

    So brothers and sisters, who would you trust as a spiritual advisor?:

    Dr Derrick Lovelle Whitt:


    Dr Jeckyll:


    My friend 'Wabag' the witchdoctor:

  • Clam

    I reckon Dr Jeckyll, Dr Whitt and Wabag should all have a kind of "therapy shoot out" by seeing what they could do with a poor soul like this. . .

    Winner takes all. . . . .

  • greendawn

    The amount he is asking is not much at $20, but it makes it sound like a commercial enterprise this paying for advice, the way he should do it is to accept donations from whoever feels like donating something for useful help received.

  • rebel8

    hmmmm This guy is currently based in my town. I have never heard of this ministry. The site does say he is an ex-jw.

    Accreditation is not required, nor is licensure, for pastoral colleges in NY. Some pastoral-type colleges are traditional type colleges in that they require classes and a standard number of credits, etc. But as I said, it is perfectly legal in NY for colleges that offer theology-type degrees to waive all those requirements. The St. Luke's school is one of those. You print out lessons and submit written open-book tests, along with one written paper, and a $100 check.

    The American College of Metaphysical Theology offers a Bachelor's Degree for $149 and submission of an application detailing life experience. Few courses are required; they estimate it takes 2 months to complete.

    (Although these types of degrees are often used by pastors, I do believe it's misleading unless it's listed as an honorary degree.) He should not be listing a pastoral certificate as a "license" in any way, shape, or form--it can result in legal charges. There is no such thing as a pastoral counseling license in the state of NY.

    The guy does have some background in real counseling--he says he worked CNY services, which is a drug counseling agency. By "background" I mean work experience (brief), which he could have legally done w/o a license at that time. Licensure was implemented after he stopped working there and requires traditional Master's Degrees etc.

  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll
    ..and it can all begin with dispensing just a little of our wit charm and wisdom via e-mail .. phht how easy is this

    We have to agree whose Jesus is the right Jesus first, my Wimpy poofta Jesus or your Israeli Militant "I'll rip your nuts off with ma teeth" Jesus

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