This Year The Push Is REALLY On To Invite EVERYONE To The Memorial!

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  • luna2
    I'm taking a canoe from the Georgia 400 down to Eastpoint, past alligators and the hood. Think that will get me in the WT as a hero?

    Might do it, lawrence...that is if they don't have some Eskimo fighting off polar bears and killer whales from his kayak as he paddles frantically through the icy waters of the Artic Ocean for three days non-stop (his suit, white shirt, dress shoes and tie safely stowed in a waterproof sealskin bag), in order to get to the Memorial on time.

  • Jim_TX


    " this could be the last celebration..." Blondie said... "Does that mean the over 8,524 anointed will be dying and going to heaven on April 12?" Possibly... and then some.

    Scary. Visions of Jim Jones and kool-aid dance through my head. This is the time to NOT go!!! Good grief!

    Other visions of bozos in suits and ties blocking ones' exit from the KH, as the 'kool-aid' is passed for the 'last time' - with instructions that everyone is to 'partake' this time.

    *shakes head* They're just wacky enuf to do it, too.


    Jim TX

  • carla

    ["We Have Found the Messiah} was He missing? what the heck do they mean?

  • xjwms

    and me without an invite.....figures

  • NewYork44M
    Just a note, the memorial attendance went down from 2004 to 2005.

    2004 16,760,607

    2005 16,383,333

    377,274 drop in attenders from 2004

    It will go down at least one more in 2006 because....I AIN'T GOING this year.

  • Tea4Two

    Does this mean the WTS is in cahoots with Osama and they know something WE don't!! Should I be buying my nuclear fallout pill just in case?

  • Nosferatu

    This years memorial brought to you by:

    "Mr Christie, you make good passover cookies!"


    "Sunny Dee isn't better than the purple stuff. The purple stuff RULES!!!"

  • minimus

    Blondie----that experience was the best!! I think we all should try to make up a story, too---just like the one you quoted and have a contest to make up the best Memorial story. Whaddya say??

  • ozziepost

    Ahh, the "Memorial"™ - the Geat Rejection Feast!

  • jaredg

    i'm thinking about going to the memorial and when the wine gets to me say out loud "One, Two Three and then chug it bottoms up". then when the cracker gets to me i'll yell out loud "COOOOOOKIE" like cookie monster and then gooble it up spitting crums everywhere. man i just gotta figure out some way to get it on video.

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