Do ex-witness forums do more harm than good?

by mentalist 55 Replies latest jw friends

  • mentalist

    Your thoughts?

  • IP_SEC

    No I think its more good than harm. As long as they keep everything they say above board and as referenceable as possible it is all good.

    Of course I could ask what you mean by harm and good. Mine and your opinions of what that means could be completely different.

    Watchtower Society: Try as you might, you cannot hide the truth!

  • carla

    to whom?

  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis

    Logical and intelligent debate is always good. Meanspirited and hateful posts against JWs serve only to alienate.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I think they do more good than harm as well. They are a great place for recovering ex - jws to go and meet people who have had similar experiences in the wts.

    The only people they might harm is the wts.

  • Clam

    Many of us used to be in the business of "saving" people through telling them "the truth", and now we're trying to save them by telling them "about the truth". Where's the harm in that? That's just one reason of many.

  • Nina

    What sort of "harm" do you mean?


  • mentalist

    Seems from extensive reading on a couple of these forums that many threads descend into personal and bitter attacks on individuals.Just a sad observation.

  • mark hughes
    mark hughes

    To ex-jws? No because we are all in a unique position whether dis'fd, dis'assd or just left we have all escaped from a mind and life controlling cult and have or are coming out the other side. Some people don't find that easy and if a site like this can make the journey a bit easier then that's why people come here. To help or to be helped.

    To existing jw's? No because they wouldn't be here if they didn't have doubts about their beliefs and they can find answers to their doubts.

    To the WTBTS? Yes because they are a profit orientated organisation and a loss of a member is a loss of earnings. Also as they know that their beliefs of a paradise earth etc is just a pipe dream, and that it doesn't take a genius to work that out, more and more people are coming here to find the real TRUTH THAT WILL SET YOU FREE.

  • jgnat

    I help a couple of "I am in love with a JW" posts a week. Definitely in the good, reducing heartbreak and building understanding.

    It serves as a network and clearinghouse for support groups and activists.

    We can speed up the recovery time by pointing a newly exited witness to the best resources.

    We validate their feelings as being real, expected, and survivable.

    I find this board one of the more active, literate, and interesting on the web. We talk about religion, for Lord's sake, without killing each other. Deep philosophical stuff. That's a rare thing on the web these days, and I treasure it.

    The forum is for me, a life-saver. I'm not an ex-witness, I am living with a Witness daily. I need to stay abreast of the happenings At the beginning, I had to get myself educated very quickly. Definitely for the good.

    If an exited witness is fully recovered, and does not transition their board invovlement to helping others, I think they need to move on. The board can assist, but should not be a substitute for living.

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