Do ex-witness forums do more harm than good?

by mentalist 55 Replies latest jw friends

  • candidlynuts

    i've seen people saved from suicide from ex witness forum contact.

    definitely do more good than harm. although i'm not sure what kind of harm you are speaking about..

    harm to people? or harm to the WTBS?

  • jgnat


    many threads descend into personal and bitter attacks on individuals

    That is too broad an observation. I find the good threads far outnumber the bad. At least here on JWD.

  • Nina
    Seems from extensive reading on a couple of these forums that many threads descend into personal and bitter attacks on individuals.Just a sad observation.

    Does this occur only on ex-witness forums?


  • mentalist
    mentalist feel ex-jws should no better.

  • Nina
    just feel ex-jws should no better

    Why should ex-jws know better?

  • Finally-Free

    I think forums can be potentially harmful if the exiting JWs use them as a replacement for the JW congregation rather than building a real life. Forums like this should help us transition from JW cultists to normal people. The forum should not become an end in itself. If I'm still here in 20 years, you'll know I've failed in my attempt to "get over it".


  • prophecor

    Due to the fact that many here are not allowed to socialise with their fellow members because of being disfellowshipped or disassociated, this becomes a harbour and somewhat of a safe haven for we who are not naturally inclined to socialisation with the outside community.

    We were conditioned to keeping ourselves separate from the outside world, so when we are no longer able to fellowship with our members, we are left with little or nothing to go on to satisfy our desire to connect with the outside world, even if it be thru the internet. Here, we at least have a voice and can be understood by our peers as to the struggle of having been JW. Its a wonderful way to come to grips with the fact that persons such as ourselves are not entirely alone.

  • Mastodon

    I smell, well... uh hold on! Yep, I smell a TrollĀ®

  • TheListener

    Why can't somebody come on here and 'dis us apostates with proper spelling? I mean seriously folks you are more than welcome to show us the error of our ways but please use proper spelling when doing so.

    Spacing and spelling...Is that too much to ask?

  • dabatgaly

    many people on here are alienated from close family members simply because they do not agree with the watchtowers current beliefs, they may still believe in god and jesus but are treated as if they have rejected god so they have good reason to be angry sometimes.

    as for doing harm i don't think there have been many suicides as a result of reading threads on this board, but many have been helped not to, so you do the maths.

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