Do ex-witness forums do more harm than good?

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  • jgnat

    Welcome to the board, mentalist.

  • unclebruce
    Fair enough wombat,

    my mind just boggled at the sheer ignorance and lack of respect (and I was convinced it was a troll crap of a different colour

    cheers, off to bed, rude unc.

  • wombat

    Could be right Unc...but it's fun....G'nite.

  • uninformed


    1. Don't mess with Unclebruce, he's our mascot. Seriously, there is no one on this forum that is as funny and peaceful as he is. Sometimes he appears offensive, but he is...oh yeah, unclebruce.

    2. I re-read my earlier post and it appeared that I was commenting on your spelling and grammer. I was commenting on someone else's comment. I don't care if you have a spelling problem, and I don't know your "grammer".

    3. Welcome here. I'm new here and on any board, and its some good fun and lots of info floating around.


  • greendawn

    There is no doubt that this board has helped a lot of ex JWs shake off the WTS spell and many JWs to see the truth about the "truth". I can't imagine it causing any harm except to the interests of the watchtower multi billion dollar multinational corporation. And if they ever want to come and present their case on this forum I am sure they will be allowed, not everyone copies their suppression of the freedom of speech approach.

  • snarf

    As long as the answers are factual and the questions are honest, I definately think it helps those who are struggling to break free. It also helps those that have been DF'D to realize that there are others out there and they are not alone.

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