The Watchtower Society killed my website

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  • KW13

    mcse Mike i am behind ya all the way

  • VM44


    I thought I had saved the Beth Sarim document at elsewhere's site!

    And Google is not showing any HTML versions of the PDF files that where there! What gives!

    Darn, Darn, Darn!


  • Blueblades

    Else,The Watchtower use to say:" If we were to stop and kick the dog, we would never get to where we were going". You have done a great job in forcing them to stop and kick the dog. They will never get to where they are going as long as all of us dogs cause them to stop and kick. They have nothing left to do as they are so pre-occupied with kicking all the dogs at their feet.

    Great job, keep barking, your bite is bigger than your bark.


  • Balsam

    I think it is amazing the WTBTS are so afraid of their own words they have printing for a 100 years. It just goes to show us all that there is lots of nonsense in everything they say. As the WTBTS hemmorages people so will their donations. Guess the old guys will have to depend more and more on ther stock market investments along with all their secretly squirreled away money accounts. They are so corrupt it makes me laugh.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    Proof the WTS is reading this very thread: I was looking at some logs and within minutes of my making my post about my site being back up, the WTS filed a second complaint with my web hosting company.

    Hey WTS: Why are you so afraid the public will read quotes from your publications on my site? I thought you had the TRUTH. Why are you trying to hide the TRUTH?

    Well technically they don't, but the law firms they have hired do monitor. It is considered too dangerous (read: they might get ideas) for any active JW to monitor sites such as this, so non-JW's do it for them and report back what they find. Sometimes apologists post, but only very rarely.

    There are specific legal issues such as child abuse, and what they consider to be copyright infringement (and perhaps now the blood issue) that they are interested in. Otherwise, they don't care.

    Sorry to hear about this Else. Maybe try a host in China?

  • Quotes

    Beginning to see a pattern here. In fact, I have in my hand a never before released internal WTS memo:

    (begin sarcasm)

    The WTS Legal Department's Tactics for Acheiving a Victorious Strategic Win Against Apostates and Their Web Sites, Which Embarras US"

    Dear Brothers. Simply run this plan, in the following order. Stop when you get results:

    (1) Send complaint to web host

    (2) Send scary Cease & Desist demand to web host

    (3) Send even more scary Cease & Desist demand to web site proprietor

    (4) File law suit claiming copyright infringement; include ridiculous "punitive damages" claim, make sure the vile apostates are quaking before the wrath of Jah's mighty legal department. Remember, if Jah could fell the walls of Jerico with a bunch of trumpets, just imagine what He can do with an in-house legal department and access to endless supplies of Tax Free donated cash.

    (note to Elders: the following steps have not yet been tested; however we are confident that Jah has provided us with a winning plan)

    (5) Upon losing suit, launch appeal

    (6) Upon losing appeal, launch higher level appeal (Note: apostates pockets are not as deep as Satan's pockets. Even though Satan controls all the resources of the entire world, he is a miser and doesn't provide for Apostates very well. The apostates will probably not make it past this step.)

    (7) Upon losing Supreme court appeal, remind the Brothers and Sisters(tm) that the "whole world is controlled by Satan".

    If, at any stage the WTS is successful, remind the Bro's and Sis's that Jehovah protects His People(tm).)

    (end sarcasm)


    P.S. Sorry to hear you are down, Elsewhere. Systematic use of legal means to eliminate criticism and potentially embarrassing material: Shades of Scientology.

  • candidlynuts

    we should have posts like this..


    and instead of a watchtower cd link .when they click..send them to some porno virus site


    either one is distasteful and a waste of time..remember lawyers charge by the hour lol

  • fairchild

    How low can they sink? &^%[email protected]#[email protected]#*&(^%

  • hallelujah

    try looking for your files on the wayback machine

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Congratulations Elsewhere.

    You certainly got their attention. You should be proud of yourself.

    Thanks for the downloads I have had from your site.

    I have been keeping an eye out for a 1934 Yearbook for you at secondhand booksales and local internet auctions seeing as you were so disappointed when you missed out on the one on Ebay. No luck yet. I haven't given up.



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