Why do women make up the majority?

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  • IP_SEC

    Because the bible says there would be an army of large women.

  • Check_Your_Premises

    I did a quick poll at the meeting last week.

    25 men

    37 women

    (not including children)

    I counted 7 women with children and no husband there.

  • daniel-p

    Interesting point....
    In my wife's case I think it is a combination of what you said, but also an emotional experience. Its like she depends on going to the meetings just so she can be reminded she's not good enough. Whenever she thinks about the ministry she gets all depressed because she knows she's not doing "what she should." I don't know how to help her since if I say anything about it she will think I am trying to destroy her faith and throw up walls. I try to be accepting and unconditional in my love but it never seems to make any difference. Sometimes it feels as if she would rather be browbeaten by a domineering egotistical JW husband than to be with me.

  • IP_SEC
    I did a quick poll at the meeting last week.

    25 men

    37 women

    (not including children)

    I counted 7 women with children and no husband there.

    Hahah that reminded me of something CYP.

    At QBs they would be looking for volunteers for a certain project during the QB and would say: "We need 6 brothers for this project, or 2 sisters"


    Because they would rather go to church and try to be better people than staying home watching porn.

    Women, just of their nature are better moral individuals than men. So it makes sense that they would strive to what they percieve as a higher calling. They trust MEN entirely tooooooo much.

    Swalker (Women need to rule the world class!)

  • Gill

    Women are both more emotional and more gullible, I'm ashamed to say.

    Also, it appears to such women, that religious men, or men who 'appear' to be religious, may be more tender, compassionate and understanding. They foolishly believe that God is also such a tender loving compassionate person and are naturally attracted to such men.

    Myself, I always found it best never to trust a man who has too much to say about ANYTHING, especially religion.

    I smugly sit here self satisfied at my early discovery in life that you should never trust such a man.

    I married a 'pretend' JW. He rarely had anything much to say about anything, except motor bikes, cars, decorating, (sex of course!) and other 'practical' things. The opinions he came out with were few, but ALWAYS accurate. After nearly 20 years of being married, I found out he was a pretend JW. I, had always thought that I was the 'intellectual' in the family...found that I was the stupid blundering bufoon, conned by a religious cult, and religion in general, yet he already KNEW that the WTBTS was crap. I shamefully remember a couple of occassions in that first 20 years of marriage where he had warned me and told me that JW's was total rubbish. He hated and refused to have anything to do with giving talks, going in FS etc though he would take us all to the meetings just to keep me happy.

    Arrogant, stupid woman that I was, I wouldn't listen.

    I would like to say, that probably women can be more stupid than men when it comes to religion.

    I was stupid, maybe in someways I probably still am, but that's why I think more women than men fall into the WTBTS trap!

  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis

    Wow Daniel, I am sorry. JWs and most other religions do attact people with low self esteem. And those types of personalities do gravitate to the wrong men and institutions. The only thing you can do is be supportive. She must fill the black hole inside her. It will be difficult because accomplishment builds self-esteem, but people aren't encourage to accomplish in the organization.

    Many sisters are very bitter towards me. They have done everything right, didn't go to school, pioneered, married, didn't have kids and they are miserable. They see me, who broke ALL the rules, and I live a very satisfying, balanced life. Our service overseer approached my husband and I at a recent meeting. He greeted us; we asked how he was doing...surviving, you know how it is, just surviving. He turned to me and asked how I was doing; I replied,' I'm thriving." He didn't know what to say, so he just walked away.

    But, many of the sisters make (or attempt to make ) viscious comments to me. It must be very frustrating for the 'good' girls. Why don't you two take an evening class at a local community college?

  • juni

    Heh Ip-Sec,

    Because the bible says there would be an army of large women

    Don't you mean, "a large army of women"? Or maybe not.


  • BluesBrother

    There is some psychological support for this. ever heard of Carol Gilligan?

    Gilligan asserted that women have differing moral and psychological tendencies than men. According to Gilligan, men think in terms of rules and justice and women are more inclined to think in terms of caring and relationships. She asks that Western society begin to value both equally.

    I used to think it was just because women were more likely to be home in the week when the dubs call on them.... Mind you, it is getting a bit near to those notorious old quotes the WT used to use, something like "Women feel while men think". They used to use as a reason for wifely subjection.

    Anybody want to ask why it is that women are much better at the "Field Ministry " than men are? They can start conversations when most of us would get short shrift

  • LDH
    women in general are more emotional whereas men tend to be more rational/logical - therefore they are more likely to want the hard evidence than trust on faith

    Wow I have seen some gender biased comments on this thread.

    Women are NOT more emotional than men. This is some crap that's been instilled in your head regarding the 'weaker vessel.'

    Women DISPLAY their emotions differently than men. Also, women REMEMBER emotional events more than men (scientifically proven)



    Men and women experience the same level of sadness while watching a tearjerker at the movies, but women are more likely to reach for a box of tissues, according to a Vanderbilt University psychologist.

    Research by Associate Professor of Psychology Ann Kring found that women aren't more emotional than men, they are just more expressive of their emotions. "It is incorrect to make a blanket statement that women are more emotional than men," Kring says. "It is correct to say that women show their emotions more than men."

    There is a big difference.

    You don't think men are emotional? Have you ever watched a playoff game, in any sport?


    Weaker Vessel THIS!!!! Class

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