Why do women make up the majority?

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    Ballistic...do you ever see him while you're out on the beach???


  • ballistic

    yes, ornithology is on my CV in the personal activities section.


    Then you should definately identify with this male behaviour!!!

    It kind of reminds me of the elders at the KH....


  • M.J.

    swalker, funny but without reading the caption I would have definitely identified the gabby one as the female ...

  • juni

    Hi Swalker!

    I'm w/MJ on this one. I thought the yapper was the female. And Ballistic, sorry I must be stupid, but I don't get what you said.


  • damselfly

    Juni ~ ornithology=study of birds CV= resume for job hunting personal activities= Not going in to his personal activities **whispers** I hear he's flexible


  • ballistic


  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Wow, don't get emotional on us LDS. ;-)

  • LDH

    LOL @ John Doe. But I think you meant LDH, because I'm not a Moron Mormon yet!

  • FlyingHighNow

    I dunno, but I've attended a Catholic church,two Episcopal churches and one Chrisitan Reformed church in the recent past. There were lots of men there. Some of them were single parents. Some were alone. Some were with their wives and kids and some were younger college aged kids and teenagers. I didn't see a disproportionate number of women, if anything, there were more men.

    At the gift shop where I used to work, there were several groups of men who would come in and have their Bible studies. In Rhode Island, there was a Bikers for Christ group who came in every Thursday night and they're were more men attending than women. Lots of women, but more single men than single women.

    I believe men to be just as emotional as women. They have the emotions, they just are trained not to always express them, unless of course they are too angry to keep it in anymore. Lot's of us gals can reason very well. Just read our comments. We have some very intelligent ladies here and they run neck to neck with the men in wisdom and reasoning. Then there are the lighter hearted posters in both genders, even they can reason very well on subjects they feel passionate about.

    I'm ready for the people's liberation movement. We all need liberating from society's gender stereo types. Especially do we need to stop foisting these on our sons and daughters.

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