What scares you? [Ozzie's Weekend Poll #157]

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  • *Heather*

    15.) Other

    I fear Jehovah Witnesses taking over the world!!!! That would be so HORRIBLE!!!

  • PoppyR

    Genuinely.... now I find I have so much I want to do and experience I'm scared of dying young!!!

    I used to be terrified of Armageddon. If the JWs were proved to be right i'd rather die than live in that sort of society now.

    Poppy x

  • sass_my_frass

    Mortality. I was going to live forever petting little baby lions (whatever happened to the big lions anyway) and vegan snakes, eating fruit and vegetables and wearing mysteriously stunningly clean clothes considering there's no water service.

  • unclebruce

    15.) Other

    I fear Jehovah Witnesses taking over the world!!!! That would be so HORRIBLE!!!

    G'day Heather,

    It's hard to believe but old Joe Rutherford wanted no less than world rule. His contemporaries were accomplishing it with great land armies but he saw his chance too and tried cunning. In the book 30 years a watchtower slave William Schnell gives a first-hand account of Rutherford's expanded vision when his prophesies for 1925 collapsed.

    “ ...he began to tell us that we should not selfishly anticipate going to heaven in 1925, when there was so much work still to do on earth... and he showed us a great world organization. He pictured vast billions coming out of all the kingdoms of the world, person after person and class[™] after class [™] slowly learning the kingdom. The expanded vision was of world rule by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. Rutherford got his idea for world rule from the theology of the previous president CT Russell. In Russell’s theology God set up a Kingdom in heaven in 1878. The resurrected Bible heroes such as Abraham, Isaac, Daniel, etc, would establish an 'earthly phase of the kingdom™' by 1914 to which the whole world…would submit. In this way Jesus, Russell, Rutherford and the other “saints” who constitute the 'heavenly kingdom™' would rule the world starting 1914 by proxy through the 'earthly kingdom™'.
    Of course the 'ancient worthies™' failed to show in 1914 and in the 1920s. Thus there was no 'earthly phase™' of God’s Kingdom in existence. So did the Judge give up? No he powered on creating 'Theocracy™', 'God’s Organization™' and a tower of power. He needed an Organization™ to take the place of, and function as, the 'earthly phase of the Kingdom™'.
    From 1919 to 1938 Rutherford turned the formerly loosely organized "Russellites™" into a hierarchy where people at each level reported to the level above — ultimately to the WBTS president.

    He banned everything among J Ws which might cause disunity or distract from distributing watchtower publications. He banned voting, birthday and Christmas celebrations, movie attendance, and all but banned love, marriage and sex. He insisted that children should not waste school holidays but should urge their parents to take them door to door.

    Meetings consisted of “studying™” The Watchtower magazine and answering set questions by quoting The Watchtower — unplanned comment was frowned upon. To enforce all this, dissenters were shunned by 'loyal ones™' who in turn were motivated by threats and descriptions of the imminent world destruction at 'Armageddon™'.

    Critics consider J Ws to be one of the most totalitarian goose-stepping religious systems on the face of the earth." meanwhile J W leaders continue to write of 'Our Godly Unity™.'

    Rutherford’s delusion was that comparatively small numbers of people acting as one person will eventually dominate the divided majority and take over. His tilt at world rule sounds ludicrous to us relatively sane folk but history is riddled with such sick men. Did Rutherford play poker? You bet!


  • plmkrzy

    Anything that runs faster then I do...

    and telatubbies.

    I use to be afraid of arrmageddon but I don't think I'll see it.

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