What scares you? [Ozzie's Weekend Poll #157]

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  • Gill


    There is nothing to fear but fear itself....which is unfortunately true for a phobic.

  • gumby

      1. The death of a partner. (Yes, this does and I have had to face the possibility)
      2. Getting into a debate with UB and old Grumbly. (I'm a lover not a debater)
      Blondie.....I'd have to agree with you here. Losing your mate of many years would be an emotion one has never felt before and I'm afraid to face that emotion.

      I also have a fear of myself dying....not because of any consequences I fear I might face.......it's just the thought of not existing any longer ( although this may not be the case).

      .....and, since Blondie's a lover and not a fighter....I was thinkin of a wrestling match in some spandex shorts or pajama's . That way we could fight and get snuggly at the same time.

      Gumby ( kinda likes these here purple letters)

    1. CountryGuy

      The death of a partner. Yes, definately. And, the death of my parents.

      The big "C". Two grandparents, one uncle, two aunts and a cousin have all lost their fight with it.

      George Dubya staying in office. Unless something happens and they change the number of times a person can be President, I don't think we'll have to worry about this one for more than two and a half more years.

      Other (please detail) SNAKES! I hate them. It's a big reason that I'm a CountryGuy but don't live in the country any longer. I can't even look at a picture or watch a television program if they're in it. Seriously, I'll scream like a little girls if I'm caught off guard. Makes no difference if I'm at home or at work. I once climbed over my cubical wall at work because someone threw a rubber snake at me. I wasn't going to stick around to see if it was real or not. I believe the official term is ophidophobia.

    2. lola28



      Other (please detail) SNAKES

      oooooo, I would have the same reaction, I hate snakes, they freak the heck out of me.

      Other: Escalators (don't ask)


    3. FlyingHighNow

      Lola, I'm scared of escalators. I have a hard time stepping onto them. I am afraid of misjudging, stepping on the wrong way and it zooming away with me until I fall and get my hair and clothing caught in one.

      My son nearly was killed on one. He was under 8 or so. His father got on ahead of him. Jesse hung his head off the side of the escalator. When he got the ceiling, his head was caught in between the handrail and the ceiling. If my ex hadn't heard him cry out and bound down and pull him out, Jesse's head and neck would have been crushed. Escalators can be very dangerous.

    4. heathen

      #15 ---- waking up one day realizing I'm in a cult and wasted half my life being ignorant .

    5. OpenFireGlass

      Quick Sand

    6. free2beme

      Spiders (Black Widows), I hate things that small and hard to see if you don't pay attention, and yet they can hurt you so much.

    7. Clam

      One of my biggest fears is that Satan™, after being incarcerated for 1000 Years™ in The Abyss™ will have concocted a cunning plan. This plan will undermine predictions in Revelation 20 and mean an unexpected victory for Gog®, resulting in global mayhem and mass disappointment for those anticipating eternal life in Jehovah’s Kingdom™

      I know it’s a long way off but I can’t help being scared right now.

    8. ballistic

      I was going to say spiders as well, but someonbe beat me to it. I posted on here one night when I spent an hour killing a massive one which woke me up with the sound of it's footsteps.

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