So....How's The F A D I N G Coming Along?

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  • minimus
  • xjwms


    you keep these alive

    don't cha

  • sass_my_frass

    Minimus I'm well impressed that you're able to pull off a successful fade while so actively inactive!


  • Cellist

    Well, it's been about 15 years now since we've been in a KH. They seem to have forgotten about us. So I'd say that our "fade" is, at the moment, a success.


  • IronClaw

    No visits, no calls. They are on their 2nd CO now since I faded and still no visits. I'm still waiting.

  • Calliope


    i recant on my earlier post. SOMEONE FOUND MY UNLISTED NUMBER!

    i just came home from work and there is was, flashing at me - message waiting.

    oh, and it's a tough one. it's my bs conductor and he's like "... so good to hear your voice"...

    he's the kinda of guy you always love...

    i was torn as to whether to call him back or not. but i thought about it for about 2 minutes and 36 seconds and, nope, won't be returning the call.


  • Ticker

    Absolutely perfect fade! Especially since I don't fear confrontation with them and the fact that I moved 5 hours across the province.
    Wow I feel for you guys that are having a hard time fading, I know it can be a hassle at first but if you feel strongly enough about your choice then stick by your guns. Thoese who have been fading for along time, why worry, live upto your choice and quit fretting over phone calls and visits.(Unless you fear loss of family then I understand) I have no contact with witnesses any longer and the one sister quit calling on me since I tried to show her how she is being screwed by the WTBTS. I guess I was an unproductive return visit. LOL. Sorry I havn't posted much but I been kinda busy with living life and kinda lost interest in the Witnoid world, to me its like watching paint dry. I guess im at the stage where i'm over the whole witness involvement and I don't really dwell on it anymore. Still feel for the newbie exits though and wish them the best and for the ones who are helping the newbies find freedom.


  • Cognitive_Dissident

    Going along pretty well, I guess. Haven't been to a meeting in almost a year and a half. I live in a city, however, that though large, is full of a lot of witnesses I know. I've bumped in to a couple people I used to be friends with, though miraculously, the subject of the "truth" never came up. Probably on account of the fact that the people I've bumped in to are actually really cool people, and don't put as much stock in judging based on appearance or ignorance as many witnesses do.

    Somedays I have a sadistic hankering for some jackass elder to call me or show up at my door, just so I could f*#& with his head. Luckily, the elders in the congregation I left never gave a shit about me, even when I really wanted them to. But that being said, I know that if they found out how I really felt, they'd surely take an interest, and try to boot me.

    Vive La RĂ©sistance!


  • silentWatcher

    best tip: move out of state. I moved from NY to Wisconsin. Haven't seen a dub here. Guess all the dubs in WI must done gone apostate.

  • cyber-sista

    Been about 2 1/2 years now since I attended a meeting. I hadn't seen the elders in about a year and 1/2 (I live one mile from the KH) and one of them stopped by to introduce me to "our" new district overseer addressing me as if I was still a part of the fold, which made me uncomfortable. I very simply stated to both of them that I don't really feel like talking right now, so they left. When they come around again I will repeat that same line.

    It is strange as I live in a very small town and I haven't seen some of the JWs since I stopped attending the meetings, not at the grocery store or anywhere. If I do see some of them on a rare occasion they either don't see me (or act if they don't). If I am ever greeted I am polite (ususally it is an old senile sister or someone of that sort) as I feel rather sorry for them.

    It still hurts that my sister does not want to communicate with me because she is still an active gung-ho dub, but I have to leave her in her world because that is what she wants right now and I know I can't change her mind.

    Sometimes I have flashbacks to the JW mentality. I also have the occasional meltdowns and I am very sensitive about the relationships I do have in my life. I have a hard time trusting that I won't be cut off by others who are not JWs if I don't perform somehow for them. I am still working on that part of it.


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