So....How's The F A D I N G Coming Along?

by minimus 35 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    So far, I've been left alone. No one's bugging me. I hear the C.O. is in the Hall this week. And he's a new guy.

  • whyamihere

    I thought it was going well myself.........

    Then I got a small visit from 2 women in the hall...I wasn't rude. I let them in talked about what I was up to. I think they were shocked when I was at such ease. Then I said...Well, I have to get going I don't have all day like you guys to walk around, and talk with people.(oops)

    Anyway, it is going ok, but I am at my breaking point! A lot has been going on this week, and it is getting to me. Like last night.


  • freedomlover

    fading is really tortourous to me sometimes.......

    example: nothing has happened the past week or so and it's quite on the homefront....then BAM I'm hit with another crazy phone call of why won't you talk to me, what's wrong with you, why are you doing this to me!?

    sometimes I can't take the thought that these people will show up any old time and lay the wacko ideas on me.

  • Elsewhere

    My post is almost 100% faded.

  • MuadDib

    Everything was going fine until I got a phone call the other day from the Service Overseer. I have his regular number and another elder's tagged on my phone so I never answer, but they must have figured me out because they called from a restricted number and I picked up thinking it might be my dealer. Apparently they want to come talk to me about why I haven't been at meetings or in service. I told them it wasn't a good day, maybe another time, call before you come over, good-bye. Dodged the bullet, but I think I'll put my roommate on alert because I'm sure they'll take it upon themselves to drop by unannounced. With any luck I won't be home.

  • minimus

    They're like blood suckers. They leech on to you!

  • lola28

    Pretty darn good, I changed halls and moved to one that is not near my house and that has 157 publishers, I made the change official went three times and just did not go anymore. Three months and no one has bothered me yet, I'm just getting worried that they might come around during the next two months.


  • codeblue


    No one has stopped by since the last Memorial invites!

  • seawolf

    So far no one bugging me about memorial crap. Last time I went several years ago it was bloody hot in there I almost gulped down the wine.

  • justsomedude

    I still get a regular visit on Saturday mornings. I try to avoid being home around that time, but last week I got stuck. I was in shaving when I heard a knock on the door, but didnt bother going to see about it.

    My folks said something to me last week that makes me think some well meaning elder called them, but aside from that there has been no problems.

    There are a few things going on in the next 1-3 weeks that might test that though.


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