Turning in my elder book

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  • damselfly

    I'm only going to echo Jgnat if I give advice,so I'll just say that it sucks when they get you in their sights as a "project" to encourage. Don't be forced into doing or saying more then you are comfortable with right now.


  • truthseeker


    I am in this situation right now, and I'm not even a ministerial servant.

    I miss 50% of the meetings every month and I go out once a month. I don't even ring the door bell.

    People don't know what to make of me.

    A friend the other day called and told me he's doing well in the new cong, and then asks me "you gotta keep proving to the brothers you're reaching out."


    My book study overseer keeps asking me about my attendance. None of the brothers will come out and say, "is there anything wrong?", they're afraid - it doesn't make sense to them why a young brother wouldn't reach out.

    I keep getting "those looks" when I see the friends at the hall.

    You know something - I really DON'T see anyone at the hall outside of the hall, except in field service.

    They're like an irritating fly - you hear them buzz and want to swat them, but other than that they stay away from you.

  • truthseeker


    Forgot to mention - are you still a servant?

    If you are, forget about them leaving you alone, to them you are not fulfilling your commission and they will eventually seek to have you removed.

    You could claim depression, but then they'll probably want to know what's causing it.

    It's hard to maintain the status quo for so long.

    My relatives who are in another hall and concerned about me, that I may go inactive.

  • primitivegenius

    hummmmmm elder book, isnt that the book that doesn't exist? yeah? then how could i possess one? screw that, to many people want to be able to use their own words against them. saw the elder video with the laywers who only had printouts of publications. instantly what they had was deemed apostate and said to be taken outta context. what if the same lawyers had the actual publications in their entirety, could show directly from without any room for error what ever points they had to make. NEVER GIVE IT BACK

  • Forscher

    I'd say to scan the elder's Manual, give copies to those who can make good use of it and protect your anonymity, and then do whatever you want!

  • kwintestal

    Sell you book on eBay and make a couple hundred bucks.

  • jeeprube
    There's always the "feeling depressed" approach. For some odd reason, lots of JWs end up depressed, so that will sound like a viable excuse.

    We had a problem with depression in our congregation about 6 years ago. My father (the service overseer) brought this up during a Watchtower Study. He plainly stated that we wouldn't have so many depressed people if they would just read their Watchtower and Awake magazines more. Silly people out spending money on therapy, all they need is a Watchtower Magazine!

  • sass_my_frass

    I'd be saying the words 'depression' and 'chronic fatigue syndrome' every time I saw one. Nicely vague and impossible for them to cure. Tell them that you're 'dealing with it and thanks for your help; I'll let you know if there's anything I need you for'.

  • sf

    What EVER you decide, DON'T turn that book in! Stash it somewhere safe. It's yours.

    I mean, what can they do...get a search warrant from Ted? LOLOLOL Don't give them the satisfaction of giving it back to them.


  • formyboys

    Don't turn in the book! You have misplaced it, or even better, you had it at the hall, your bookbag was open and somebody "lifted it"! They won't know what to say. You probably could make a small fortune on ebay from it, but do the pdf file thing first, for all to enjoy.

    I agree with a vague "depression, chronic fatigue, fiber-myalgia (?) complaint". You, of course, will have seen an MD, but they couldn't really find anything wrong, and you're scared to go to one of those pshychiatrists, their views are so humanistic and worldly. Don't be specific about anything. Offer to step down until you've got a handle on your problem. You need to be allowed to fade in peace, especially if you have family that you're concerned with.

    I think the tears idea is excellent as well. They don't deal well with tears.

    Best of Luck!

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