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  • truthsetsonefree

    As everyone here has been saying you can always claim that or a member of your family need to care for personal issues. Take it from an elder who still is in good standing but misses 50% of meetings, hasn't gone in door-to-door in years, and hasn't been at a book study in almost a year. My wife went to the doctor and was diagnosed with enough stuff to justify us never going to meetings again. Then we saw our psychologist and our nutritionist and my kid's pediatrician and between the depression and stress related anxiety issues, we never run out of excuses. And remember if there is a phone tie-in at your Hall, that is considered the same as attending the meeting. You can call, then hang up when they aren't monitoring it or just don't listen.

  • The Leological One
    The Leological One

    You could use this to your advantage. Use it as proof of some physical problem. Fatigue / Depression / Lack of Concentration / Insomnia.

    You don't want to be a distraction to other in attendance and you need to take care of yourself before it gets worse.

    Now's your chance to bow out/fade gracefully.


    If it comes down to this, this isn't a bad answer, IMO. I've lost contact with a lot of people and events I used to keep up with due to insomnia and other problems that drain energy. It happens, and it causes a lack of motivation to do much. That could be an excuse to use. I hate recommending lying, but when it comes to keeping with your own family and knowing the borg doesn't care about your family staying tight, you've gotta' do what you've gotta' do.

    Good luck, and don't let them push you into anything you don't want to be pushed into, conversationwise or otherwise. ;)

  • Rabbit


    You could use this to your advantage. Use it as proof of some physical problem. Fatigue / Depression / Lack of Concentration / Insomnia.

    Narcolepsy ----> Falling asleep! Depression does not have to have a 'reason'...true depression can come about naturally. I was told all I had "to do...is Trust in Jehovah, re-devote yourself whole-souled and DO MORE, MORE in the Truth ™, brother !

    Oh, yeah -- THAT's the solution !

    Spend a few bucks at a Psychologists office, just so you can 'name drop' a Doc. After all you really sound depressed with the situation you are faced with of losing all those dear to you. My Doc understood and helped me deal with it. Tell 'em you are suicidal -- that will scare 'em and maybe leave you alone to slowly 'fade'...away.

    I started doing that 7 years ago. I have been marked & shunned by some, but, I am not DF/DA. When it's not 'official' you have a lot more freedom. I understand your fears, whatever you choose, I wish you Good Luck ! (I love saying 'luck'. heheh )

    Rabbit (of the many, many successful faders class)

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