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  • hubert
    I see a potential for conflict of interest. Whose interests were the WT lawyers representing, Bethany's or the Watchtower's? If the WT lawyers did not recuse themselves for conflict of interest, they can be held liable.

    jgnat, very good point. I hope some lawyers realize this, too. THIS IS OUR FIGHT, TOO !!!


  • Stoned Father
    Stoned Father


    You are far too trusting. Pick and choose your battles carefully.

    If there's an estate; whether or not Bethany had a will or not, all moneys designated to 'her estate' will be sent there.

    Thus this PayPal account.

    So.....where do estate monies go after probate? From what I remember from my own personal experience here in Canada. Monies are divided up among surviving members if there's no one contesting the will.

    So...Lawrence has set himself up for a nice windfall, possibly.

    He's Bethany's father. So having monies funnelled into a PayPal account, pre/post probated will re: Bethany's estate, should send up to some of you...who have some soundness of mind versus emotional Awake/Watchtower knee jerk responses.


    Ever see the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes" ? TO-WANDA!

    Wanda, open your purse, without what Lawrence requires of you. Use me as your on-line whipping post. No problem, but you go and empty your purse and or savings. Question everything, INCLUDING ME. <

    Lawrence. You are a clever man. Setting up a PayPal account in her name, basically renders some of these monies possibly to you, her mother, your daughter/Bethany's sister. So how can we or you account for the distribution of funds related to Bethany's estate.

    You post-JW folks need to pick and choose your battles with the WTBTS, carefully. You are so easy to jump on the band wagon.

    Lawrence. You've lost a daughter, which is tragic and sad. But my goodness......most folks here are unable to read all the facts related to all the events that lead up to her unfortunate demise.

    No one will read this.

    That JGNAT chick, is a smart cookie. Forget what I have to say, but she's balanced. She can say what she wants about my character response about Lawrence, but she does offer up some sensible debate.

    I will not apologize for my post, because I think Lawrence Hughs/Hughes (however the hell he spells his surname) is a real wacko!

    I stand by that.

    I am the Messiah. Believe in me!

    Believe that? Come on......

    Bethany has not been the only child lost to WTBTS teachings. Nevermind adults: parents (mothers/fathers-grandparents-aunts/uncles).


    Try another approach.

    Good luck!

  • wanda

    Those who believe Lawrence Hughes needs to sue the Watchtower's attorneys will support the lawsuit. Those who think he should not sue them will not. He is correct that the two Watchtower attorneys were not biased but gave her lop-sided anti-emergency whole blood transfusions information. Therefore they broke the law of Canada which says that for informed consent a person must receive unbiased information.

    For example they live in the physical confines of the Brooklyn-located complex of buildings of the Watchtower Society which tells JWs they must "repent" if they take blood transfusions or be under duress of being declared no longer a JW which causes severe disruption of normal family relationships.

    Further, they receive room, board, food and health care from the Watchtower Society to say nothing of other perks.

    Hence there was bias and as said they therefore broke the law of Canada.

    Furthermore, they abetted the doctor who prescribed ARSENIC (a known poison) for Mr. Hughes' daughter, Bethany, who otherwise, according to the written sworn documentation from medical experts, would have stood a 30%-50% chance of continuing to live had she continued to received the normal standard of care which is emergency transfusion of whole blood.

    In as much as blood supplies are now so guarded from infectious diseases including those of immunological effect that they are acknowledged by experts as safe, any advice that either the two Watchtower doctors or the aforesaid doctor gave, was biased toward an unnatural dangerous course of alternative treatment.

    Bethany Hughes died believing misinformation, disinformation or an outright lie from the lips of these three persons who now facing the consequences, while trying to laugh it off or paint it as weak while also impugning the character of Mr. Hughes, which may pave the way toward additional litigation for redress.

    Rather than see these vain ineffectual attacks continuing by proxy or otherwise, I would therefore recommend to those attorneys that they petition their controlling superiors on the Governing Body of the Watchtower Society over Jehovah's Witnesses in Brooklyn to immediately make a meaningful settlement offer to Mr. Hughes. He may or may not turn it down (I cannot and do not speak for him but can make logical surmisals), but, then, it is possible that in view of the mounting court costs, his acceptance would be an agreeable arrangement to both his benefit, that of the Watchtower attorneys and doctor. Now, it's your move.

  • rebel8
    I am perhaps not as clever as you or some other people on this Board and I just do not see where the scam is. I am truly asking for you to educate me.

    LOL, that is quite the drama. If I thought there was a scam I wouldn't be hosting Lawrence's PayPal button and story, would I? I fail to see the value in rehashing it, so no, I will not "educate" you.

    Since we are not in a mind control cult any more, we are free to have divergent ideas, aren't we? If we aren't threatened by different opinions, it shouldn't result in a heated campaign to change them. We should be able to state our opinions and move on.

    Here's a thought (to everyone)..........Keeping this debate going is just making this into a much bigger drama than it should have been (IMO) and is probably detracting from the support Lawrence is seeking. It is also keeping this thread at the top of the active topics and drawing more attention and heat to Lawrence (as the last few pages sadly prove).

    I am done discussing this. Bye now.

  • wanda

    It needs kept in eyesight. I am also working to help Lawrence as I hope others are, the more the better. Thanks. Bye.

  • just2sheep

    for anyone intrested, read---"worldwide mass class action suits against wts" thread from 2002 on jwd. also or you could read shunned father's topic history. all very interesting if not very revealing. i know this question has been asked and ignored so i'll try to get an answer to what i see as a simple enough many of this girls 17 years did mr. hughes teach her that it was an unforgivable sin to take a blood transfusion? edited to add...jgnat i would say the order of events began with bethany's birth and her indoctrination(with her father's willing assistance) into the org. sf...somehow i missed your post so thanks for answering my question...17 years is how long mr. hughs taught his daughter to abstain from blood and it wasn't until his daughter was on her death bed that he had his epiphany. that is truly sad, but her death was as much his responsibility as anyone else that refused her transfusions...and as an aside she did recieve blood and she died anyway.

  • wanda

    Lawrence fought to save his daughter's life. She got false advice from the two Watchtower attorneys, followed it, did not accept any more emergency transfusions of whole blood, was instead given ARSENIC by a doctor working with the Watchtower's attorneys, and she died.

    Full culpability rests with the Watchtower attorney's and their doctor cohort. In the past Lawrence believed the abstain from blood teaching but had come to disagree with it and when Bethany developed cancer he worked his hardest to get her only the best standard care.

    However the two attorneys who in fact live in the Watchtower's complex of buildings called Bethel in Brooklyn, got her this nonstandard treatment which included ARSENIC.

    If anyone or anything killed a seventeen year old girl it was the doings of people who gave false information denying Bethany a chance to live, a 30%-50% chance according to medical experts.

    The Watchtower men gave biased information, violating Canadian law in doing so, and now a seventeen year old girl is dead - but not forgotten. Hopefully Lawrence will fight on, win and then the Watchtower sees it and its cohorts must pay steeply for every future such death.

  • jgnat

    The province took custody of the girl for five months, restraining her as she underwent transfusions against her will.

    "There is no question that Bethany's illness led Mr. Hughes to seriously question and ultimately reject the teaching of his and his family's religion, and that he paid a high price for that moral and religious decision, including the shunning by the Jehovah Witness congregation and alienation from his wife and children," Nation wrote in her 29-page decision (divorce judgement).

    But after 38 transfusions and four rounds of chemotherapy, the government of decided last week to stop the forced treatments. (11 July 2002)

    Bethany Hughes was moved to the new hospital after being discharged from the Alberta Children's Hospital in July 2002, where doctors said she was too ill to continue being treated with chemotherapy and transfusions.

    She died less than two months later, just after turning 17.

  • just2sheep

    does anyone have a report on the younger sister of bethany? wasn't there a custody battle going on...and that thought led to this thought---how was shunnedfather able to afford the costs of a divorce and a custody case? are donated funds used to pay for these things. i might still want to give shunnedfather some money, but i have to admit that it might affect the priority i put on it...i apologize for my ignorance of canadian law, but i am trying to learn.

  • jgnat

    About the divorce.

    I believe Mr. Hughes is estranged from his surviving daughter, Cassandra. She'd be about eighteen or nineteen now.

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