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  • Scatteredsheep

    After much prayerful consideration, I believe Jehovah and Jesus want me to help Lawrence in his fight for justice. So I've sent him a contribution.

    Some may scoff, but I'm willing to trust Jehovah and Jesus to help Lawrence use the money in a good way.

  • Rig Boy
    Rig Boy

    Here are some facts regarding Hughes and his case.

    Hughes needs money in case of possible appeals on 4 accounts. If the Watchtower loses the appeal, they must pay for Hughes' legal expenses, which means, all the contributors get their money back from Lawrence.

    If Hughes wins or the Watchtower declines to appeal, than the trial can begin. If Hughes does not get sufficient funding, he has said that he will drop the Watchtower lawyers, Brady and Gnam, from the suit and focus specifically on the doctors.

    I think it is safe to say that most of us would NOT like to see the Watchtower lawyers dropped form this suit.

    Best case scenario, Hughes wins the suit and appeals, everyone will be refunded their contributions and Lawrence will have paved the way for a bunch more lawsuits to be filed by others in the catergory of wrongful death suits.


  • AudeSapere
    Nosferatu (sp?) wrote: What really amazes me is how members of this forum have helped out others (Mario Baletta aka Utopian_Reformist, Vicki Boer aka needs_lots, and Simon) without question. Why, all of a sudden is helping Lawrence Hughes aka Shunned Father such a problem?

    Utopian_Reformist never, ever requested funds. He was also a contributing member of the forum long before his situation turned so dire. He even asked people to not send money. He was concerned about how to pay back what was sent.

    Vicki - I cannot comment on. needs_lots I don't anything about.

    Simon. Are you serious?? We're on his site that he maintains at his expense and to some degree the expense of his family. He does not plead for money. He badgers noone for contributions. He merely has a button at the top that we can click only if we choose. I rarely notice it.

    So just what is it about Shunned Father? There's alot to be said about his delivery and methods. Things just don't feel right to me.

    He talks about his children shunning him. Then he appeals to our sympathies by stating that he only has $5 in his account because he is a single father.

    I believe he is a grieving father. I believe he is facing financial difficulties. I think believe that he will use the funds to help with legal expenses.

    His requests feel like demands.

    His posts are in all caps. I feel like he is shouting everytime he posts.

    When he doesn't get the response he hopes for, he badgers and insults.

    I am acutely aware that these are petty, petty things. Something just doesn't sit well with me.

    I wish him peace. I know he believes that this court case will bring him peace. I hope it does but I have my doubts.


  • Rig Boy
    Rig Boy

    If 500 people gave him 100 bucks each. He could proceed against Watchtower lawyers Brady and Gnam. If not, I gurantee they will be stricken from the suit. It really is in the hands of you guys, and not so much Lawrence. Lawrence will be setting up a trust fund in the next two weeks. When and if Hughes does get a lawyer, he will be the only person with access to the fund.

    It is up to you guys.

    If he doesnt get the funds for the possible appeals and the eventual trial, Hughes will use his own money to battle the doctors.

    I personally think he has a good chance of winning. He has already won in the court of public opinion. The WT lawyers laughed at him 3 years ago when this thing was getting started. I was there...I saw it. The smug look on all the Witnesses faces in the courtroom was disgusting. Bunch of arrogant cultists.

    Now they are not laughing anymore. If Hughes goes to trial, this will set the precedent, and will smack the watchtower wide open for more lawsuits from others.

    This is a suit of wrongful death, malpractice. And like I said, if Hughes wins, the Watchtower must ante up for Hughes' legal fees, which means everyone who graciously donated to Hughes, will get their money back.

    I leave it to you.

  • Clam

    Any updates on this folks?

  • hubert



  • hubert


    Any news? ....... anyone?


  • just2sheep

    wanda mentioned several times that bethany hughs was given arsenic, and she was...however, a simple google search reveals that arsenic is approved by the american fda as a component for the treatment of leukemia. i'm not sure what the impact on canadian lawsuits this might have, but it's not like these doctors and lawyers made this treatment up and were sailing on medicly unchartered waters.

    my ability to hear you is in direct inverse proportion to how loudly you speak... or post.

  • AudeSapere
    simple google search reveals that arsenic is approved by the american fda as a component for the treatment of leukemia

    I read something on this a few weeks ago. Don't have the thread reference - unfortunately.

    I believe the answer is that Bethany had a different kind of leukemia. Not all cancers are treated the same.


  • AudeSapere

    Here you go:

    Prior thread from SHUNNED FATHER ( ) says in part:

    ...Bethany and the WTS lawyers stated in Court and in the media that the treatment was a cure for her desease ( AML Leukemia) ...

    The googled wikipedia reference says:

    The FDA in 2000 approved this compound for the treatment of patients with acute promyelocytic leukemia that is resistant to ATRA

    Acute promyelogenous leukemia (APL) is a clinical subtype of acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) characterized by a translocation involving the RARa gene on 17q12-21, and five other genes, reported to date; PML at 15q21, RARa gene; PML at 15q21, PMZL at 11q23, NuMA at 11q13, NPM at 5q35, and STAT5b.

    I hope this helps explain the arsenic question.


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