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  • rebel8

    Internet fraud is a reality in the modern world and that is why some have suggested safeguards. It is a valid concern.

    Others have stated they personally are not hesitant to donate. That point of view is valid as well.

    Opinions have been stated clearly and understood. Finito.

    IMO this continued debate is blowing this whole thing out of proportion.

  • Gary1914
    Internet fraud is a reality in the modern world and that is why some have suggested safeguards. It is a valid concern.

    Rebel8, I certainly agree with your statement. Also, while it is not my intention to beat a dead horse, I just don't understand how internet fraud enters into this. Are you saying that this might be a scam of some sort? We know SHUNNED FATHER. We know that Lawrence Hughes is SHUNNED FATHER. He came on this Board and gave us his personal address which is easy to check. We read about his lawsuit in the newspapers. Where is the scam and how is it being perpetrated?

    I am not trying to be facetious. I am perhaps not as clever as you or some other people on this Board and I just do not see where the scam is. I am truly asking for you to educate me. Thank you.

  • Finally-Free

    Ok, call me an asshole if you like, but I have alarms going off in my head now too. I've read the threads as well as an email I received from Lawrence. I also had a look at his posting history. As great as his suffering might be, he is not the only person who has suffered at the hands of this cult, yet I see requests for support but no offers of any to others. It seems to me that he only knows who we are and acknowledges our existence when he wants something. I for one, am adding him to my spam filter.


  • BlessedStar

    Is this really legal?

    Is this a prank?


  • sf

    Just thinking outloud here:

    Could not Larry go to the media source that interviewed him before and do another interview stating the need for financial help, to the public, as well as the ex jw community, for this case?

    Put that interview and news article on the net.

    Sadly, not many papers or other news sources picked up the Forbes article. I tried once again to get my local paper to print it, yet have not seen it.

    Think about contacting that source again Larry and doing another interview to plea the case.


  • willowmoon

    It amazes me that anyone would even so much as consider a request such as this, much less support it.

    It also amazes me that others have been removed and banned from this forum for posting comparatively innocuous statements and harmless requests.

    It reminds me of last Easter, when some guy posted a website explaining that he would have to eat his pet rabbit unless he received enough money to continue supporting it and himself. The guy collected over ten thousand dollars before anyone blew the whistle. He was far gone by then.

    Many reading this are the ones who are proud of having figured out the supposed wild and wicked ways of the WTS. This one just isn't that hard to figure out. Come on, people. You've got to get better at this stuff if you want to survive out here in the real world.


  • Rig Boy
    Rig Boy

    So you think Lawrence is pulling a scam here? There are many on this forum who know Lawrence Hughes. He is not trying to scam anyone. He really has no lawyer. The WTS threatened and intimiated the lawyer who was helping Lawrence free of charge, but now he is gone. Lawrence is really one man by himself vs. the big ugly Borg whore machine Watchtower. The guy is fearless...gotta respect that. Why not help him? He has the best shot of winning out of anyone else I have seen, plus with all the media attention to him and his cause, he has already been a huge thorn in the side for the Watchtower. Even if he looses the case, he has won, in the court of public opinion, and most of all, he has helped people leave the Watchtower. Even if he helps bring just one person out of the Watchtower cult, is it not all worth it for Lawrence? I know he has brought more than one, so keep it up Lawrence!

  • willowmoon

    If that's the case, Rig Boy, and it probably is, then you should all help Lawrence Hughes go about collecting the money he needs the right way. Help him establish a legitimate channel for donations and a legal and public accounting system that will prove the legitimacy. He will collect more money and there will be no doubt as to the credibility of his request.

    I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and the understanding that he's desperate and sincere in wanting to help others.

    But to ask people to blindly send money, the same people who have criticized the WTS for collecting untold sums of money with questionable accounting for it, doesn't help his cause. Someone, other than the trusting folks here, is going to question and find a flaw in the way he's funding his cause. You all who believe in him need to help him avoid further hurt.


  • Nosferatu

    What really amazes me is how members of this forum have helped out others (Mario Baletta aka Utopian_Reformist, Vicki Boer aka needs_lots, and Simon) without question. Why, all of a sudden is helping Lawrence Hughes aka Shunned Father such a problem?

    All of the above mentioned people have been well-known members of this forum, and there has been no question of a scam. I don't get it.

  • Finally-Free

    I didn't suggest it was a scam. I am saying I don't appreciate it when the only time someone initiates communication with me is when my wallet is the desired objective That happened all too often to me, both in the watchtower and on ex-jw discussion boards.


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