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    sf, thank you for posting that, it really does help.

    So why don't some of you help this man set up a website, so he can fully explain the story and channel the donations through it? I don't understand why it would need to cost thousands of dollars, people get websites for these purposes all the time and they cost next to nothing. But even if it does cost that much, use the donated money for it.


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    I didn't suggest it was a scam. I am saying I don't appreciate it when the only time someone initiates communication with me is when my wallet is the desired objective That happened all too often to me, both in the watchtower and on ex-jw discussion boards.


    Finally_Free, No one is forcing you to give. If you don't want to, just don't.

    But, for the people who are grateful for the work that Lawrence is doing in behalf of his daughter, and us, mind you, let them who wants to help, help him.

    sf, Thanks for posting Bethany's picture also. I think it will help people see what this is all about.

    Okay, now let's all stop squabbling, and dig in our wallets and help this guy out.


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    Hello and thank-you everyone who has realized what happened to Bethany Hughes is real.
    It happens to too many Jehovah’s Witness children.
    Judges, Lawyers, Doctors, ect. All believe these children know what they are doing because they are such eloquent speakers about their beliefs. These children do not know what they are doing. They have been trained up since infancy by The Watchtower Bible And Tract Society™ in Theocratic Ministry School to Stand Up For….I mean Regurgitate what the Borg Teaches. It is not self acquired Religious Belief these children are dieing for. It’s Cult Leader financial stability and Power children like Bethany are dieing for and it’s not just Jehovah’s Witness children dieing or Being Tortured for Religious Dogma. It’s children in Pentecostal, Amish, Mormon, Moonies, even some main stream religions.
    Lawrence Hughes is a real Father who has suffered an ultimate price in the loss of his daughter and family.
    Lawrence has not curled up in some corner and wallowed in his misery over his great suffering but instead has taken on battle after battle that will not only publicize how evil The Watchtower is but will help all of us and any one who ever considered becoming a JW.
    His efforts will save many families and the lives of many children. Please those who can, please give Lawrence ’s battle the help it needs because his battle is all of ours. I know JW’s who almost orphaned their children and I knew a family whose daughter almost died due to The No Blood Medical Mandate and now I know a man who DID loose his child. His dear sweet daughter. Many here know him too but, even if you don’t know Lawrence , as former Jehovah’s Witnesses I think you know this could have been you. Thanks for listening,

  • Stoned Father
    Stoned Father


    He raised his daughter/s, well. I am not 100% certain if he was also a "Believer" at one time. I suspect he was. Past tense here.

    Lawrence, if you indeed were a believer, especially during the formative years of your daughter Bethany's life; would one be NOT surprised at the outcome with regards to your coaching 'as a believer' and your daughter's 'refusal' to accept blood or blood products??

    The other thing I would like to touch upon is Lawrence's character.

    I don't know him; I don't want to know him either. But he has, in my humble opinion, a rather dubious means of contacting 'others'. I had an e-mail some time ago. I had no contact with him prior to this. You know, just send a post/message here and there on a former Jehovahs witness website and I think I posted my e-mail somewhere, and he found it and worked it good.

    Only porn sites work it as good as Lawrence.

    Anyways, no lessening of his loss.

    How many people past, present and future have lost family members as a result of a 'well coached' belief system? I know of families in Canada and abroad that have encountered the blood issue. If I recall: Lawrence, please speak for yourself....but if you were a believing father, are you totally surprised at your daughter Bethany's belief system too?

    If you raised her a believing, faithful deciple of the Watchtower Society/Jehovah's Witness. It really should NOT be a surprise (despite her death: how horrible) that SHE refused blood, blood products.

    Lawrence. Do you not figure into this?

    There are MANY others on this website or forum or what you may call it that have lost family members due to the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society's belief system; which you subscribed to ... at one time. Is that correct Lawrence?

    Your method of contact and demeanor displayed via e-mail contact; not just with me, but others as well, lead me to wonder about your 'CHARACTER'.

    Lawrence, if you don't think for one second that the Watchtower Society's lawyers and legal council are not going to drill holes in your character: think again...and REAL HARD.

    You have a rather odd way and an almost 'obsessive-compulsive' (in my opinion only) approach to your contacts. I don't recall contacting you and I know a couple of others who did not know of you, until your e-mail/username showed up in their inbox.

    In the future, try this: ' Hello, how are you? ' - you've not done that with me, or the folks that have shared similarly.

    Your daughter died. Which is sad and truly heartbreaking. are NOT the only person on this forum, or any other forum, whether Jehovahs Witness related or otherwise.

    Your approach is, in my opinion, self-righteous and haughty. You don't take even a moment to introduce yourself to the person/people you contact. If you have,'ve improved.

    Other members of this forum and/or others, have lost family members. I have too. Not necessarily to Watchtower society rules and regulations and scriptural references.

    There are far more people I would rather send money to, here. You? Absolutely not.

    I don't like your approach and your megalomania.

    It's like your results due to your previous parental coaching, are null and void. Do you not think a lawyer or legal council will NOT make immediate reference to your character.


    Lawrence. There are far too many kind and wonderful people here and elsewhere who'll give you a limb. Even if not asked for. This place, from my observation is decent. A place for former Jehovahs Witness people to gather.

    It's should not be a place to stand up grandiosely, and act like your plight is: AN ENTITLEMENT.

    I hope you get knocked off your high horse soon.

    Your approach and manner here and elsewhere cause me much in the way of suspect.

    Cruel? Absolutely!

    But if you raised your daughter, a believer (JW) - then honestly: what did you expect?

    Also, your character and method of intense contact without even so much as a "Hello, how are you".

    Your character will be brought up real fast.

    If your daughters did not want to be with you or around you; despite differences of religious beliefs, I have to question your mental state previous/during/post Bethany's passing.

    That your living daughter appears to not wish to have much contact with you, immediately makes me wonder.


    We all know what the Watchtower Society is all about: you'd be preaching to the converted otherwise.

    Had I not received an unsolicited e-mail from you some time ago, then reading this thread, I would have not gone through the agony of signing on to this forum. What a headache.

    I had to write, otherwise I would have exploded on a cerebral level at home. Not a pretty sight I'm sure.

    I would not and will not send money to Lawrence. Not a penny/pense.

    Send your money and thoughts to the people still alive and living. I've noticed a little way back some posts regarding ill members of this board. They are far more deserving of $. But of course, I did not see one post of them asking for money. They are presently post-JW members and trying to overcome their illnesses.

    Lawrence. I don't see 1 follow-up post from you, contributing to their wellness and on-going recovery.


    Lawrence, I view you as our 2006 "Don Quixote" - chasing the windmills.

    Good luck, but've got some issues.

    You'll find some sad sack supporters here, but they would be better off backing off from your hopeless plight, and send money to people and places that co-exist with the LIVING.

    Good luck Lawrence. But like some other person here noted, you are on my blocked list too.

    Sorry that Bethany has passed, but if you were a believing parent/father at one time, the blood issue and her refusal, do figure they not?

    So, if this is true...that you were a believing parent at one time: why would you not be surprised at your daughter's refusal of blood/blood products?

    Absolutely, the Watchtower Bible tract society is loathesome. But we all take some responsibility for our belief in it...even at one time; we can vent and we can try to persuade or rescue people in it, or those whom are thinking of leaving it.

    THAT is where I'd rather send even but $1 to.

    Some sort of resource centre or on-line recovery forum.

    Bethany was a beautiful girl, daughter and sister.

    Lawrence, you're acting egomaniacal in my humble opinion.

    I will not be sending one cent to your on-line PayPal account. It just wreaks of suspicion, in my humble opinion.

    How can anyone here or elsewhere attest to how this money will be spent or used?

    Just an added question.

    OK...I will get out of here before the flames of boohoo set in.

    Some great posts on here.

    Question everything! (yes, even me, if it makes you happy: that'd be a good start)

  • wanda

    You know Lawrence is making progress when those pro-Watchtower while pretending to not be come out of the woodworks calling him names like in the item just above here. They have called him "not real," implied the money needed to battle the Watchtower attorneys is not being asked for rightly, say "get off your high-horse," you're an "egomaniac" etc etc. WHY?
    Hoping against hope to derail a father 1,000% rightly incensed that his daughter has been killed and that the those who helped cause her death are still at large with free hands to kill other children and adults.
    I say, We say, KEEP AT IT; GOOD! You are doing what hundreds of thousands to millions of JWs and as many exJW would love to be able to do!

    Oh, BTW, he has gotten emails of exJWs and other people from other exJWs and people, and he will continue to get those helps. This is done to help save lives so implying it's wrong to inform others of a genuine need like this is wrong; the names called this man revolve back on those hurling them.

  • jgnat

    I don't question the worthiness of Lawrence Hugh's cause, nor the reality of his pain. I would prefer that there was a more careful accounting of the funds he is asking for. A trust fund would calm my internal alarms.

    On the other hand, Lawrence does not deserve an all-out character attack as Stoned Father has posted. Mr. Hughes may have difficulty providing clarity to his cause, but it is real.

    For everyone, again, the order of events.

    1. Bethany is diagnosed with a life-threatening leukemia.
    2. Blood transfusions are administered, Bethany is content with passive resistance, but mother is not. Drama ensues.
    3. Government steps in, takes over custody of Bethany.
    4. Dad re-reads blood verses to Bethany to build their faith, has an epiphany and changes his stance on blood.
    5. Dad is cut-off from the family.
    6. Blood transfusions continue.
    7. A year or two later? Bethany's condition takes a turn for the worse. She is now terminal.
    8. The doctors are now convinced Bethany understands the gravity of her illness. Her status changes to "mature minor".
    9. Government steps out of the custody agreement and allows Bethany to make her own choice.
    10. Bethany is spirited away to an unknown location, and dad is not told where.
    11. Bethany no longer has blood transfusions and is administered a completely useless course of treatment.
    12. She declines rapidly.
    13. Hours before her death, dad is finally notified of her location and rushes to her bedside. He can't make it in time and Lawrence Hughes is inconsolable.
    14. Dad begins a campaign including speaking engagements, pickets, and a lawsuit, to protest the Watchtower's interference in his daughter's death. He also blames the doctors and the Cross Cancer Institute here in Edmonton for some of the medical decisions.
  • wanda

    The donations are going for the estate not himself and on your cheque you can earmark it as such on the MEMO line. Many of us now have his telephone number in case you want to personally hear that he is compliant in accounting, but I want you to know that he not only works 60 hours a week but his time away from work is also consumed with calling others.

    His story is also certain to awaken increased recognition and support from within the organization. If you doubt that too then read the following which you and other readers are encouraged to distribute. It mentions the Lawrence Hughes story within a few paragraphs.

    Dear Brothers And Sisters, this is to inform you of a recent news article which you are asked to also pass along to alert others in Kingdom Halls and at homes:

    “KESQ, CA – March 15, 2006 In San Diego, police are searching for a child molester they say has been abusing children for decades and he found his victims through church. His name is Frederick McClean. He's 55-years old. Police say that in one case, he molested a girl 100 times, beginning when she was 5 years old and lasting 7 years. “His preferred age of his victim was from 6 or 7 years old to 12 years old. Some of his victims did come forward . . . Some of the victims we have identified are now adults. Some of the victims identified are still children.” The mother of 2 of McClean’s alleged victims says he used Jehovah’s Witness churches to seduce the victims. McClean is now on the US Marshal's 15 most wanted fugitive list. “

    As we well know, policy is that ALL who are JWs in good standing, including those called “repentant” child molesters etc, are also sent door-to-door preaching and offering publications, and they continue to mingle in our kingdom halls, at assemblies etc. Thus, McClean and those like him are able to walk freely among us and receive shelter leading to the endangerment of our children as well as the public’s.

    Further, as some continue to call the desk at Brooklyn world headquarters and at branch offices about the ten year Non-Governmental Organization affiliation that the organization had with the U.N., this is being downplayed by staff as nothing big, just to acquire a card to research the U.N.’s library. The reality is that it is big and no individual or group must become an NGO of the U.N. to research its library. Further, despite the organization’s forced formal withdrawl from the U.N. after the affiliation became better known, the connections are continuing. (Try calling and you will hear the denials.)

    Also of concern is that benefits are being realized via money received from stocks in military companies and their products; and Lawrence Hughes of Canada is quoting on CNN, Forbes etc that two Watchtower attorneys living at Bethel in Brooklyn as well as a doctor gave his 17 year old daughter Bethany ARSENIC and biased advice as part of an alternative treatment in place of the standard of emergency blood transfusions leading to her death and potentially to the death of numerous other future youngsters and adults.

    For two years straight our organization has experienced non-growth in the United States and this would be substantially worse except that new members are still gained at a good rate among Spanish-speaking congregations preaching to the burgeoning Hispanic population. However, this cannot continue forever. Opposers who are fluent in Spanish are certain to step up efforts to inform more of that Hispanic population by real-world letters in California and other states more than ever. (See end of the year statistics)

    Although there is still much money for Brooklyn and worldwide operations already some of the brothers and sisters in both Spanish and English congregations have been putting less in the donation boxes as a way of voting no confidence. In fact the only way we can make our organization strong again is for ourselves to inform enough others in the organization until sufficient heat is finally be felt for Brooklyn to make some serious reform. This is common sense.

    Doing so is not easy since Ted Jaracz of the Governing Body is himself an alleged child molester from back when he served as a District Overseer in California, but as awakened Jehovah's Witnesses in good standing we must do it including those of us who are among the anointed. Therefore feel free to provide your local elders with copies of our letter of concern as it will help to enlighten them as well but also retain a copy to inform many other non-elders in various congregations.

  • dozy

    It must be fairly unique to the USA where someone can try & sue the lawyers of his opponents for damages - I've never hear of this happening in Britain. (Mind you - we do have 2 lawyers as Prime Minister & First Lady.) Overall - this is a desperately sad story - but I do feel that Mr Hughes's case is somewhat weak.

  • jgnat

    I see a potential for conflict of interest. Whose interests were the WT lawyers representing, Bethany's or the Watchtower's? If the WT lawyers did not recuse themselves for conflict of interest, they can be held liable.

    Also, it is now been clearly laid-out that JW's are not well-informed of their medical choices by the Watchtower Society, thanks to the great work done by Kerry Louderback-Wood in her essay, " Jehovah's Witnesses, Blood Transfusions, and the Tort of Misrepresentation " She's pointed the way on how a civil suit like this can be successful.

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