Film Scenes that got burnt onto your memory

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  • greendawn

    What were some film scenes that pleased or horrified you so much that they stayed vivid in your memory for a long time?

    The one I always recall is the scene where Anthony Hopkins (Playing as Hannibal Lector) lobotomised Ray Liotta (Paul Krendler) cutting off pieces of his brain and giving them to him to eat. He also took some of Liotta's cooked brain in a plane and gave them to an unsuspecting passenger boy sitting next to him to eat.

  • Legolas

    Well all of LOTR...LOL

    But I also love the scene in the movie 'Independence Day' where Will Smith is hauling the alien back to the camp in his parachute and he is talikng and yelling at the thing and then stops to give it a kick!

    That's only one ..geez I have thousands of them!

  • Clam

    Loads of film scenes are burnt on my memory. One of my favourites is in the Good, The Bad and the Ugly when Eli Wallach as Tuco drags on a cigar he's found in an old campfire when tracking Blondie (Clint Eastwood). After some serious sucking the cigar suddenly smokes and then the Ennio Morricone theme plays. Tuco smiles and his silver tooth gleams in the sunlight.

    Otherwise when reading the post heading I was reminded of stuff that just made me squirm in my remeniscence, like the ear cutting scene in Reservoir Dogs or that horrible greenhouse scene in Scum.

  • rebel8

    The Poseidon Adventure--all of the scenes involving flooding of the ship

    Jaws--all scenes involving the shark

    Gone with the Wind--1. Leg amputation 2. The scene where Scarlett smiles after being raped (always thought that was so twisted), and begs Rhett Rapist to stay with her.

    A Time to Kill--rape scenes were horrendous

    Born on the Fourth of July--many horrifying scenes in the hospital

    any vampire movie or animals with big teeth freak me out

    Mothman Prophecies--many scenes are scary

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    Schindler's List where the 'girl in the red coat' was lyinng on the cart load of bodies at the concentration camp.

    Also the scene when Schindler's employees were made to line up by the German army and the one armed press-operator was shot because the officer thought he was of no use.

  • Kudra


  • Finally-Free

    This one from "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly", one of my all time favourites. This was my favourite character in the movie.



  • gaiagirl

    The opening scenes of "Contact", in which the viewer is gliding through interstellar space, gradually passing through bands of radio waves, first very old signals from the early 20th century, then becoming gradually more current as one came nearer and nearer to the Earth. The most impressive aspect of all this was the amazing visuals of galaxies, star systems, planets of our own system, etc, as Earth was approached.

  • bennyk

    Disclaimer: I have not seen very many films.

    In the film "die Bruecke" (1959) there was a split-second scene shot from behind of the silhouettes of two helmeted heads inclined towards each other as the sixteen year old boys spring back up from the safety of their foxhole to man a machine gun. The scene was very reminescent of numerous still shots found in history books and I found it very disturbing. That image has stayed with me throughout the years and even now as I type this my stomache is in a knot as I ask myself: What in God's name were those children doing in a foxhole?

  • Hellrider

    The scene from Schindlers List where the SS are rounding up all the jews in the Warzaw-ghetto to send them to the camps, and a small jewish boy has hidden in the latrine (toilet). He`s so scared he`s climbed down into it, and is standing in fecies up to his chest.

    That one made me cry, and I don`t cry easily.

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