Film Scenes that got burnt onto your memory

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  • stillajwexelder

    The one scene burnt onto my mind forever is sexual I am sorry. It is so incredibly erotic - it is the scene where Jennifer Tilly brings Gina Gershon to orgasm in the film "Bound". Both stars later claimed it was not fake

    Hope the mods are not offended but here is the link if anybody is interested

  • Midget-Sasquatch

    The original exorcist movie had a few scenes that scared the bijeebees out of me. Like where the little girl's head twists around. I was young when I first saw it ( thanx(?) to my older cousins ).

    A touching scene for me was the ending to Life is Beautiful, where the boy was riding on the American tank, he reunites with his mom, the voice of his older self whose narrating lovingly reflects on his father, and the little boy raises his hands in joy shouting "Ho Vinto! Ho Vinto!".

  • watson

    When Doctor Zhivago sees Lara through the window of the train, gets off the train, chases after her......and, well, I don't want to spoil it if you haven't seen it.

    In Crash, when the locksmith catches his daughter.

    THE love scene in Monster's Ball.

    When Uncle Buck faces the principal

    Vincent in the bathroom in Full Metal Jacket.

  • stillajwexelder

    The famous scene in Carrie where the hand shoots out of the ground (Sissy Spacek)

  • collegegirl21

    In dirty dancing... when baby is crawling on the floor to the guy (I forget his name) and she's singing, "baby, my sweet baby, you're the one." I don't know why I remember that, but I always seem to... its one of my favorite movies :)

  • stevenyc

    There are many scenes I find memorable, but 'burned' into my memory;

    JAWS, the intro scene with the girl being dragged through the water. Still gives me the heebee jeebees in the ocean.

    The opening scene to Star Wars. I was eight when I saw it at the movies. Left a huge impression.

    Bamby, when his mom dies. Horrific.

    Eraserhead, eating the alive chickens.

    Opening scene to Saving private Ryan. The BEST interpretation of a world war two battle ever.

    Cinema Paradiso, the final scene where he views the cuttings the priest made of all the kisses.

    Olive Twist, the 1946 David Lean production, when Bill Sykes beats Nancy and all you see is his dog, panic stricken, trying to scratch his way out the door.

    To Sir with Love. The end scene when Sidney Poitier dances with Judy Geeson.


  • Oroborus21

    Phoebe Cates diving into the Swimming Pool and emerging from Fast Times at Ridgmont High

    -need I say more.


  • MidwichCuckoo
    Anthony Hopkins (Playing as Hannibal Lector) lobotomised Ray Liotta (Paul Krendler) cutting off pieces of his brain and giving them to him to eat

    You have to admit - that takes some skill to do - lol.

    Two scenes from 'Salem's Lot' - one with David Soul in a rocking chair, and the boy (vampire) scratching at the window.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    1st off Digital F I agree with you about Empire strike back, but for me the scene is when OB1 gives luke his fathers light sabre and the luke ignites it.

    another one in superman when the spaceship carrying kal-el breaks the glass and than the music kicks in.

    and just to fully disgust you all in my nerd juice sorcerers stone when harry potter gets his wand.

  • Leolaia

    Just thinking of the movies I've seen over the years....

    The opening scene of the original Star Wars was a big one for me. Seven years old at the time. Pure awe at the opening crawl followed by the spaceship battle.

    I remember in 1979 a made-for-TV movie called Kingdom of the Spiders, starring William Shatner. As the opening credits rolled, I felt something crawl over my foot while I was sitting at the table. I thought it was just a cockroach so I tried to kick it away, then after toeing it, I looked down and saw that it was a centipede. That made me no longer want to watch a movie about spiders!

    The made-for-TV Martian Chronicles had many memorable scenes. The one that got me was the whole Sam's Diner scene. Sam (played by Darren McGaven, who has just died) is talking with his wife in the diner and as the camera pans over to her, a Martian wearing a mask comes into view almost inconspicuously into the frame....that scene FREAKED me (just 9 years old at the time). Then Sam shoots the Martin, thinking he had a weapon, and then more Martians show up and they have a chase across the sand dunes, until he is cornered and then learns from them that the poor Martian was giving him a deed to half of Mars, and announced cryptically that "tonight is the night". Then that night, he thinks the Martin meant that the rockets were coming from earth, with all those hungry men for the diner to feed, so he looks at earth through his telescope and then witnesses the destruction of the planet in a nuclear war. Then his wife takes a look, laughs in disbelief, and says that she thinks it's going to an "off season". That is burned indelibly in my mind.

    There was a movie I saw when I was in fifth grade on TV that scared me s**tless. I have no idea what it was, but it had these ancient tombs, but those who went into them would turn into skeletons...

    That summer I saw Raiders of the Lost Ark at Mann's Chinese Theatre. Most memorable movie experience of all. Great music, loved the "archaeology", and again the ark opening part was soooo scary for me (LOL)...

    Sixteen Candles....I love the scene at the church when Samantha saw her crush across the street and she pointed at herself, and he says, "Yeah, you." Or the scene in the car in the room with geeky Anthony Michael Hall...asking for her undies...

    Another big moviegoing experience....Back to the Future. I don't know what was more memorable...the movie itself or the two lesbians kissing in public in front of the movie theatre.

    I must have gone to see Ferris Bueller four times at the least it wasn't the six times I went to see the Goonies (and I didn't like it all that much). The scene that stands out of course is that Ferrari in reverse going out the rear window of the house....

    The Untouchables....The baby carriage scene.

    Goodfellas....The scene when Lois wanted to go home to get her "lucky hat". Priceless.

    Clerks....Selling cigarettes to a child.

    My Cousin Vinny....I could say the "biological clock" scene, but I want to draw attention to Pesci's response in that scene...(whole movie was great)

    Pulp Fiction....Discussing burgers before doing a hit? Travolta injecting into Thurman's heart? Blowing off the kid's head in the car? Zed's dead? The scene with Christopher Walken explaining the watch? Can't settle on just one...

    Strange Days....Either the horrific rape scene or the awesome speech by Angela Bassett on "This is real time, you hear me, real time, time to get real", or the scene when Juliette Lewis tells Nero "It's over!"

    Chasing Amy...The very last scene in the movie, when they meet each other again at the comic meet.

    Dogma....The scene when Loki and Bartleby meet the board of directors of that fast food company....

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