Film Scenes that got burnt onto your memory

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  • Chimene

    The original "Alien" when the monster popped out of the first chest,eewwww

    Reagen's head spinning around and spitting green pea soup in the Exorcist

    Stripe in Gremlins yelling, "I'm gonna get you Gizmo caca!" LOL

  • Seeking Knowledge
    Seeking Knowledge

    I'd have to say the last movie that affected me was Braveheart when they were doing the execution. I forgot to breathe the whole time.

    Sitting next to my very scottish mother who kept poking me in the ribs telling me "there's your heritage" during all the other scenes was pretty helpful as well.


  • MerryMagdalene

    Johhny Got His Gunalt


    The Seventh Seal


  • littlerockguy

    The head twisting and the masterbation scene in The Exorcist.

  • joannadandy

    The scene in Hotel Rwanda where all the white people get on the bus to escape and all the black people get left to fend for themselves. I was litterally shaking in the movie theater.

  • Gill

    Dr Zhivago - the Bolsheviks open fire on their enemies in a late summer yellow corn field. The 'enemy' are young boys with guns, defending the staus quo, but are all very young and wearing white shirts. The boys are massacred by the gun fire and you see many 'white shirts' falling to the ground riddled with bullet holes and red blood.

    I can still see the bright blue summer sky, yellow corn, beautiful young boys, white shirts and of course....the bright red blood...

  • bebu

    Repulsion, by Roman Polanski, where the walls sprout hands and grab Catherine Deneuve. A powerful inference to horrible sexual abuse in her past.

    Xala, a S. African film, where scores of amputees and lepers (real ones, by the way, cast for the movie) spit on a rich business man in order to remove his curse.

    Citizen Kane, the last scene... of rosebud.

    Raiders of the Lost Ark, the lifting of the ark's lid. I was not prepared!!

    I will NOT go see Silence of the Lambs, btw.


  • kazar

    The scene from Reservoir Dogs where Maddsen, while dancing to "stuck in the middle with you" cuts off the ear of Gary Sinise.

  • undercover

    Planet of the Apes (original version). I was just a kid, saw it at a drive in theater...early in the movie after Moses, er, I mean Charlten Heston and crew had crash landed and they found the tribe of non-speaking humans and then they started stampeding when something came crashing through the fields. The scene of the horse turning around and the camera panning up to show a fierce looking gorilla in body armor grimacing scared the crap outa me.

    The Wizard of Oz. Flying monkeys. Scary. What is it with monkeys scaring me?

    Movies in the last few years that have left strong impressions:

    Braveheart. At the end when they tortured Wallace. He looked out in the crowd and saw the little boy and sort of smiled. Then he shouted "Freedom!" right before they finished him off. Very powerful.

    Kill Bill 2. When the Bride was buried alive. Showing her in the box as Budd hammerd the nails home shutting off the light bit by bit until it was completely dark. Then as she thought she broke her flashlight before she started her attempt to break out. Pretty intense feeling of claustrophobia.

    True Romance. The entire scene with Christopher Walken and Dennis Hopper. Walken was a mob lawyer looking for Hopper's son who had stolen some coke from them. Walken and his hit men (one of which was James Gandolfini) have a nice chat with Hopper and then Hopper, in long soliloquey(sp) insults Walken. Walken then kills Hopper. Great dialogue and acting. Another great character moment from the same movie was Gary Oldman when Clarence(the son) shows up to get Alabama's things. The dialogue and acting from Oldman is great.

    From Dusk til Dawn. A weird movie, but a cult classic. My favorite scene is Selma Hayek dancing with the snake on the table in front of George Clooney and Quinten Tarantino. I think I'm in love with her.

  • lonelysheep

    Every scene from Steven King's "IT"

    The torture scene from "The Dentist"

    Sex against the living room pillar in "Slither"

    "Iceberg right ahead!!" Titanic

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