I want a refund . . .

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  • cruzanheart

    After reading all those threads and articles about how much money the WTBTS has squirreled away and invested and after volunteering to serve birthday cupcakes and punch at a homeless shelter run by the combined efforts of First Presbyterian Church and First Methodist in downtown Dallas, I have decided that I want my money back.

    I want back every single cent that I ever contributed to that Jabba the Hut of an organization that just sits on its money and never uses a penny of it to benefit its members or the rest of humanity. I want back the $10,000 that my dad "loaned" the Society in the 1970's that they -- 10 years later -- strongly suggested he just give to them to save them the trouble of writing a check.

    I want to be paid for the 13 years of regular pioneer service that I wasted on that organization. Let's see, at roughly 100 hours a month (that's what the requirement was back then), 1200 hours a year times 13 + 15,600. Hmmm, okay, I'll take minimum wage for it -- isn't that $6.50 an hour now? Well, that's $101,400. Plus the $10,000 I should have inherited from Dad, that's $111,400.

    And I want it tax free. So THERE!!!!!

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know it's not going to happen, but I feel better for having said it out loud.


  • collegegirl21

    I'm sure they'll get your check in the mail :) And to think I would tell my mom to give my allowance to them because they needed it more than I did.... geez....

  • freedomlover

    ha ha ha.....Nina!

    I've done the same thing before. Okay....regular pioneered for 5 years at how many hours is that? I'd settle for minimum wage also.....
    man, what we sacrificed!

    oh well.

  • Leolaia

    Please, do not also forget to include all those hours spent in five-times-a-week meetings and circuit and district assemblies, and special assembly days, etc. That also adds up to a nice chunk of change....

  • damselfly

    Don't forget all the money "donated" to the new publications! Write a letter stating that with all the "new light" you feel you are entitled to a refund for wasted funds!


  • uninformed

    Good Post!

    Very few remember the old days when we were required to put in 1200 hours. In 1970, I missed my time 3 hours for the year, ( I got 1197), and being full of virtue, like I thought they were, I turned in the 1197. You can't believe the letter that I received from them!!!

    Basically, it was, "Brother, if you can't do any better than that, possibly you should consider leaving the full time service and being a good publisher."

    Talk about hurt. Especially now in view of the half-time pioneers that they have now, cause they wouldn't have any if the requirements were like they used to be.

    Don't hold your breath for your refund.

    By the way, DO I have the some stories from you from Cassville!

    Wow, you pioneered a long time!


  • Nikita

    Ha and I want my own home on some deserted island in the Caribbean, too!!


    Just having some fun!

  • cruzanheart

    Great! Yes, I started pioneering in 1973 and continued until 1986 when real life intruded on the Great & Glorious Day of Jehooooooovah (to quote Freddie Franz).

    Of course, ONE good thing came out of those 13 years: round about Year 9 I met this really cute pioneer ministerial servant blond guy with gorgeous blue bedroom eyes. And I married him. And he had the great good sense to get the hell out of Dodge around 1989 and the patience to wait for me until I finally made up my stubborn Greek mind in 2001. Now that's true love.


  • jwfacts

    I pioneered in the 1000 hours a year era, or 83 hours a month. For some reason (power freak probably) the secretary made the pioneers write an explanation every time we did less than 90 hours witnessing in a month.
    $100,000 sounds good.

  • Scully

    And don't forget the Meeting Clothes™ that we had to buy because normal clothes were just not good enough for the WTS Jehovah. Plus the fuel your car used while going in service, the additional wear and tear and insurance premiums due to the extra driving for Meetings™ and Field Service™.

    And, Nina, forget about minimum wage. Your time is worth what you earn now, adjusted for the rate of inflation/cost of living.

    Then there's the matter of all that Literature™ that was required reading, and required purchasing for our Magazine Routes™ and Return Visits™. Even the ones that ended up in the back of the closet. The ones that we gave Voluntary Donations™ for, and then STOOOOOPIDLY turned over any Voluntary Donations™ that we received back to Mother™.

    And what about lost wages? You know, the ones you *could have* and *should have* earned had you ignored the edicts from the WTS and pursued Higher Education™ right out of high school instead of Pioneering™? What about restitution for Student Loans that we've had to take on, at higher tuition rates now, compared to what was the going rate back then?

    What about retroactive pension and retirement savings - money that we *could have* and *should have* earned were it not for WTS interference and meddling with our livelihood?

    Oh my goodness... imagine the Mass Action Lawsuit.... and the bankruptcy of the WTS....

    daring to dream.....

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