I want a refund . . .

by cruzanheart 47 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • rebel8
    I started pioneering in 1973

    I'm sorry to inform you of this cruzanheart but you made a typo there. I can see from your pic that you could not possibly be old enough to have pioneered in the '70s.

  • daniel-p

    There's an old (racist) name for someone who takes something back after they have given it. I have had to come to terms with all the years I spent giving my ALL to the orgnization and Johoober, and now have to make up for lost time building my life. But there's no use in dwelling on it - its all water under the bridge. Better to forget about it and just move on.

    (Besides, I never gave a dime to the contribution box, even as a pioneer! My reasoning was, if im doing all the work, let all the lazy ones pay!)

  • cruzanheart

    rebel8, you're a flatterer! However, I really am 50 years old (that photo was taken about 6 years ago, so I should probably update it) and I started pioneering when I was 18.

    daniel-p, I've moved on with my life too. But you have to admit that making them pay money back is an interesting way to force accountability.


  • daniel-p

    "you have to admit that making them pay money back is an interesting way to force accountability."

    Yes, and I am positive they will pay a large sum of money in the future either as a settlement or through a court order.

  • ballistic

    Thing is Nina, is there really any remote possibility they are going to pay your money back? I would say "no".

    In order to move on, we sometimes need to "look on the bright side".

    Here's how I did it and of course it will be different for everyone...

    All the years I lived with little or no money as a pioneer, my now 'peers' at that age where earning more, but spending more, just as everyone always lives just within their means or sometimes outside of it. In fact... I was in less debt than they were even though I had nothing. And probably came out of those rock and roll years with the same plus more of a liver left over.

    Secondly, if I hadn't been brought up in the truth and got a college education before I did (I went to college when I left the truth) I probably would have been ready sooner to buy property and doing so in any of the ten years prior to when I did would have been a big financial mistake. As it turned out, I bought when market prices were rock-bottom.

    See how blessed we are?

  • hallelujah

    If a government shuts down the watchtower society they make it a 'spiritual martyr'. If former JW's ask for their money back it has to shut down because according to Roman's they have to be in submission to the higher authorities (i.e. the court).

  • LDH
    There's an old (racist) name for someone who takes something back after they have given it.

    Yes, we call these people Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Oh, sorry you mean "Indian Giver." Which is interesting considering it was the white man was the one who continuously took with no regard for others.


    Tecumseh Class

  • TresHappy

    That conductor, was that Brother Savoy...? He's still around; he's got to be 90 now...

    Let's face it; what we believed was a load of crap.

  • Frog

    Wow, that's quite a claim for compensation! My initial thoughts were, but you gave it of your own fruition, and you can't just Indian give...but on account of the lies, and deception, plus warped new light, I think you every reason to make a case!

    Hee's a thought...if you joined the org say some time ago and since then new light etc has changed the WT policies to such a varying degree, shouldn't you be entitled to challenge them that it's not at all what you thought you were signing up for?

  • primitivegenius

    hey dont forget the time spent building them dang kingdom and ASSembly hallz. construction wagez them. hell if we all went together we could start up our OWN PUBLISHING EMPIRE and try for world domination............... nah ill take mine in RAND stock

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