I want a refund . . .

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  • Lo-ru-hamah

    We are forgetting another rather large contribution that a lot of us spent time on as well. The countless Kingdumb Hall Builds we worked on. In fact, I have worked on so many that I cannot even remember how many total. My father and brothers both worked in Brooklyn on the buildings that they are now selling for $200,000,000 a pop, where is their portion of that. It would be nice to have a check for all that work.


  • cruzanheart
    Thing is Nina, is there really any remote possibility they are going to pay your money back? I would say "no".

    In order to move on, we sometimes need to "look on the bright side".

    Chill, ballistic! I was kind of kidding when I started this thread -- I've moved on nicely, thank you, but after reading about all of the investments the WTBTS is sitting on I started adding up figures in my head and thought, "HEY!"

    And it's an interesting "what if" discussion. That's how lots of great inventions are created, y'know.


  • cruzanheart

    Tres Happy, it was Germanich. Savoy only did it occasionally at the assemblies but contented himself with conducting AT THE KINGDOM HALL, of all places. He had the piano placed on the stage and then he could prominently stand up front and wave that baton all he wanted.


  • hallelujah

    Not "Indian givers" - the society is the Aryan giver, don't forget the leaders of the cult praised up the virtues of the Aryan race as foremost of God's chosen.

    ...God may have been, nay, evidently has been, a respecter of races, and has specially blessed and favored cerrtain branches of the Aryan race in Europe and America [The Bible versus the Evolution Theory, Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, pages 31].

    So let the GB give it back and go and live in nursing homes live all the other old witnesses have to when they're no longer of any use to the WTS

    Remember that for he that does nothing useful with the money, it will be taken away.

  • hallelujah

    PS of course don't bother asking for a refund, the only way they would pay is after a court order.

    I expect that for a worldwide class action lodged in New York it will take quite a bit of preparation - the establishing of a trust fund whereby the plaintiffs can collectively provide the necessary costs. We are here talking about the entire value of the WTS and a large scale class action of potentially thousands, or tens of thousands of plaintiffs.

    A large dynosaur type body such as the WTS would find it difficult to hide it's assetts so there need be no secrecy in preparing such an action

  • hallelujah

    Other grounds apart from misrepresentation might include Duress/Misleading and deceptive conduct/Unjust contracts.

  • stevenyc

    I don't want a refund, I just want my dad back. The blood doctrine killed him.


  • hijack

    Yeah, the 2 day kingdom halls were built entirely by volunteer labour. The cult jdubs think that jehobah will give them a piece of paradise for their free labour. Now the WTS will start to sell those same properties because they own every dang kindom hall on earth!!. The WTS will make and has made a killing on these properties because of OVERINFLATED realestate prices which are the result of the whole crooked conglomerate of corporations of which the WTS is a member.

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