I began studying at the age of 13; Baptized at 18; left at age 19-20; I was "officially" DA'd (for marrying a non-JW in a church) at the age of 24. Been out about 16 years now! Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. I have one brother still "in" and very active, one out ("Funchback" aka "Mister Biggs")and a younger one("Quincy") who never really became involved (15 years age difference between us!) My Dad despised the religion (he had studied when he was a teen, too, but never baptized.)He and Mom (Unitarian background at that time) left religion up to us to find out about and because I had a close friend who was JW, I became interested in it and started the studying process. This led to Mom and brothers studying as well. You can read more about my story here: http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/7/35468/1.ashx