Who is the King of Apostates ?

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  • stillajwexelder

    Randy Watters and Ray Franz led the way - C.O Jonsson helped inititate in certain cases

  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    1. Jesus, apostated against the pharisee and scribes and the established jewish religion.

    2 Raymond Franz ... 2nd only the Jesus...

  • AuldSoul

    Jesus. His radical and public break from Judaism and his warm public treatment of those who were shunned by the arrangement he was raised in was an example that had impacts over the course of millennia. Barring those who misrepresented him as a cause for war, his example has inspired billions to better themselves and to treat others better.

    At risk of getting himself nailed to a tree, he went ahead and suggested how nice it would be if people were kind to each other for a change. Some 2,000 years later the program finished running just before the Vogon constructor fleet cleared the way for a new hyperspace express route.


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Whomever is the King of Jw Apostates pales with his/her queenly consort. Her name is Internet, and she holds powers that will unleash the multitudes in time.


  • mouthy

    Randy Watters,Ray Franz, Bill Cetnar,

    All I know is I am the Queen of the Apoistaes in Ontario ( thats what they call me

  • Genesis

    ((((((mouthy))))))) what I observe as a fact is that you are probably one of the most loving,nice and kind person on this board :) I would pay to have a grandmother like you :) Your are the "Queen of the Truth" :-P

  • upside/down

    I am!

    u/d(of the it's actually Emperor..not King class)

  • just2sheep

    you gotta love danny...a real common man's hero. i have always used jesus as a good example of an apostate jew. what about bill bowen at silentlambs(my introduction to "apostate" sites). with all this said i've come to believe that the wtbts is the king of christian apostates...

  • Irreverent

    I think it is that Blondie person. He/she is a real bad a$$.

  • blondie

    Hey, I resemble that remark!


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