Who is the King of Apostates ?

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  • TMS

    St. Farkle

  • RichieRich

    Maybe I can be a jester in the Apostate King's Court?

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Some others I forgot on my list

    • Norm
    • Maximus
    • Simon
    • Elsewhere
    • reexamine
    • Timothy Campbell (Beyond JWs)

    And then there are so many amazing posters right here. Many who work in the background - making CDs and mailing them out, gathering information, showing us how to study what the WTS doesn't say in the study articles, those who offer great support to all those UBM friends and family of active JWs, those who have participated in mailing campaigns.

    You know I could go on and on. Lawrence Hughes is taking on the WTS regarding the blood issue.

    Every single person who posts here and even those who read and maybe share it with others

    Another book (can't believe I forgot these two, especially since they are sitting on the shelf right beside me)

    June Callwood

    • Jim: A Life with AIDS

    Botting & Botting

    • The Orwellian World of Jehovah's Witnesses

    And there are 3 videos that have been done about the JWs


    The Walking Wounded: Documentary Series

    M. James Penton

    • Tape 1 ...on Jehovah's Witnesses

    Grace Gough (Mouthy here on JWD)

    • Tape 2 Cult Researcher ... on Jehovah's Witnesses

    Lee Hardiman-Marsh (yes that's me)

    • Tape 3 Cults, Mind Control, Abuse & Jehovah's Witnesses

    When you stop to look at all of this, it is truly amazing for an unorganized group of people, every one has been able to do their part so that collectively MUCH has been done.

    PS: I know I have still forgotten many

  • theinfamousone

    see, im very surprised. i looked through this whole thing and didnt see my name mentioned once... i should smite you all, but i love you too much...

    the infamous one

  • Honesty

    Y'all got it all wrong.


  • mouthy

    How silly of me I forgot > theinfamousone

  • wannaexit

    Years ago my father (elder) told me that the biggest apostate in the org was Fred Franz's nephew. He was evil and tried to take over the society and was jelous because he wanted Freddy's job.

    Years later these words came back to me when I read Ray's books and read correspondance he had with my husband.

    I was so sad that such a wonderful man should be so maligned and slandered.


  • mouthy

    I remembered that a JW I was speaking to said Ray was a Homosexul ..I called Ray & said "why dont you sue him" he said" why waste the money..."God is the one who KNOWS me....

    then when I went to his home & met his lovely wife Cynthia.... I thought to my self... I would hate to be those who are bearing false witness against their neighbour....They both are so hospitable.... I love them both...

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    You all got it WRONG!

    If there's nothing I learned from Judge Joey, it is that power is best siezed by fiat!

    Thenceforth, hail your King!


    The inscription on the crown stands for Nathan Natas Rex Apostates.

    Richie Rich, say something funny! I have commanded it! Apply the principle of 'Love the One you're with." What is the point of nominating former posters, regardless of how filled with Holy Spirit they might have been, if they have "moved along" and "gotten on with their lives"? My people need a King who is present, and I am invisibly present with you now and until the conclusion of this system of things. After that, you're on your own, amigo!

  • silentWatcher

    actually, greatest impact goes to whoever started H20 and the creator of this board, Simon. Those boards have served as high profile "mediums" for all the others you have listed (randy, kent, farkel, alanf, etc).

    H20 used to be the "it" place in the "early" days. How many H20 regulars are here? Then, it went to hell, and Simon's board stepped in and admirably filled the gap. Before that, the only apostates I'd ever heard of where the protesters with the signs at the convention (one gave me a track once), and some people on the Donahue show.


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