Who is the King of Apostates ?

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  • BluesBrother

    The title "King" implies subordinates and therefore some kind of organized resistance to the Borg.. Which is what they like to imply to the faithful - that there is an "Evil Slave" class.

    In fact, we are a group of disparate and very different souls who owe nothing to anybody. We are all very different and have just one thing in common, our opposition to the WTS .

    No organization, no ruler or leader. Our motivation is enough. Thank God for the Internet (and I would like to thank and acknowlege my debt to all the names mentioned already)

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Two points:

    To SilentWatcher:

    "used to be" ..."coulda, woulda, shoulda"

    that's YESTERDAY, daddy-o! Get hip! Get with it! Get down! This is what's happening now!

    This is the Pepsi generation! Vote for me, and I promise a Pepsi in every pot!

    Hurry! Operators are standing by - we took their chairs away! (nyuk nyuk chuckle)

    to Blues:

    You can't have an evil minion without an evil despot to direct them.

    I am the evil fig tree that Jesus predicted!

    I'm applying for the job of Le Roi Du Malmonde!

    No one else is interested.

    Hail your King, and don't let me hear any "Hail no's!"

    First order of business - I need a suitably luxurious world headquarters built for me in Christmas Jim, California.

    The ambassador from Alcyone is coming to visit, and we must do all we can to imporess him.

  • Genesis

    Nathan Natas, if you are the King of Apostates then I am the God of Apostates and you owe me worship (and of course to be approved by me you must lend me you bank account and your car...).

    Now you should begin to pray for the forgiveness of your sins or I could destroy you at Harm-me-good-one ! ;-P


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