The Worst Public Talk Ever

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  • LDH
    Does God want us to cling to Him like lint?


  • mrsjones5
    .. so mj, you just sat there daydream'n about sex eh! ... me too

    hm sometimes ...mostly I was staring out the windows (yes we had windows! ) at the San Francisco Bay dreaming about what I could be doing instead of being stuck in the hall while the brother on the platform droned on...


  • leftbelow

    You think sitting thru a PT on sex is bad try being 25 years old and having to give one I deaded it so much I threw up 2 times that Sunday Morning

  • Wolfgirl
    Going off thread completly, Why "wolfgirl" as a name?

    To make a long story short, this is me a few years ago:

    Mind the hair...flourescent lighting and blond highlights do not go together very well.

    I used to work with animals a lot, and wolves have always been my favourites. Another personal fav was the mountain lion (puma), but that just doesn't quite sound as good as a name.

    Me again


    Public talks are a joke. I hate giving them and hate listening to them. I agree with Mulan its really the speaker not always the outline that makes a talk suck. Once I was giving a PT in a cong where the A/C was broken and it was July. I was sweating so badly I completely skipped one subheading, I think it was 12 minutes and finished as quick as I could and got off the stage drenched in sweat. That was probably the worst talk some have heard since I ended it abruptly 15 minutes early.

  • james_woods

    LeftBelow has it exactly right. There were many embarrasing stupid things in those outlines. I had to start doing these at about 20 yrs old.

    The worst of the hour talks I could remember: The one on DEMONISM! It went into details about modern-day demons visiting sisters in the dark, burning books and pictures if need be, and ECTOPLASM! It was pretty much written out for you, so it was hard to leave out much. I tried to find scriptural references (Old testament witches, etc.) and just read them to fill time. Then if you ran short maybe you wouldn't have to tell about the Ectoplasm. Funny thing, a lot of the older sisters really liked the exciting aspects of this little gem.

    The worst ever I had to give was my last Memorial. I am going to save that whole story for sometime around this years memorial so it is on topic. But, this was Yukon Oklahoma in about 1978 or 1979. It was my turn to do Memorial and I had already decided I did not believe the 144000 or much of the rest. I did it as asked (will tell all in spring) but I resigned as elder that summer sometime after this. That summer I also attended my last meeting ever, wrote my letter that winter, and was DFed for it in spring.


  • unique1

    My father used to give one on "Meditating on Gods Word". In this talk we were told that yoga is bad because it encourages you to empty your mind (think about nothing), which in turn can leave room for the devil. I would find myself spacing out, thinking of nothing, then terrified that maybe the demons had invaded my head. I now take yoga and LOVE IT!!

    Damn, leftbelow. SORRY. That had to suck.

  • slugga

    is that a real wolf pup? And the puma, aren't its claws dangerous?

  • diamondblue1974
    I used to work with animals a lot, and wolves have always been my favourites. Another personal fav was the mountain lion (puma), but that just doesn't quite sound as good as a name.

    Is the puddy tat stuffed...because I wouldnt have gone anywhere near it if it was alive, and I have a penchant for big cats too!


  • morning glory
    morning glory

    The one I heard in Vernon,B.C. a few years back, when the visiting speaker,under guise of warning parents to be on guard for what their children were capable of,described a situation he personally was aware of as an elder. Apparantly,a young sister had had oral sex with a brother and had to be rushed to the hospital to get her stomach pumped out.Forgive me if this is too graphic but I am mentioning this as an example of some rather personal and private matters that were made public in very poor taste,and should have been kept confidential,IMO.Even at that time,despite being a clueless dub,I thought that this speaker must be a little bit "strange" and,needless to say, I was not motivated to invite him over for dinner after the public talk or get to know him any better!


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