are British people boring?

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  • ezra

    HOW ABOUT MONTY PYTHON,THEY ARE FUNNIER THAN WE ARE.of ocurse some of their stuff i have to fast forward,how about the guy on horseback in the holy grail movie that had a guy following him with coconut shells for sound effects,or how about the knight that kept fighting after all his limbs were hacked off he told the other knight ti come back and bite him in the leg

  • MerryMagdalene

    Anything but boring...I rely on tijkmo for my recommended daily allowance of irony to be washed down with several pints of intoxicating song...and LT for kick-ass spiritual support...and Sirona for posts with 'bite'...and ballistic for his on-the-ball insight...and Scotsman's wry wit...and Dansk's passionate compassion...and so on...and so forth...and so many more...


  • still angry
    still angry

    Brits are not boring...maybe a little funny in some of the way they think, but that's just the difference between countries. I always tease a Brit firend of mine that she is a paradox. Like she has all these straight laced ideas and can be all prim and proper and then goes nuts as soon as the alcohol is brought out. Maybe that's just her, but I don't think so from the impression I get from her. I think Americans tend to be more uncouth and just don't care what people think.

  • Celia

    British People, boring ??? No way ! Anyone who thinks so has never been to Great-Britain, and hasn't met EMan ad Her ladyship, or Simon and Angharad, or Sirona, or Ballistic, or tijkmo, or Funkyderek, or Little Toe, ... etc...

  • moshe

    Did Benny Hill ever seem bored? He might have died young, but he was never boring.

  • serendipity

    Love the Brits!

  • purplesofa

    I think the Brits have a great outward persona that is prim and proper...........but all kinds of things go on behind closed doors that are anything but boring

    I have a boyfriend from London and I like ..........his stable, mild nature.......mixed with my more outgoing, friendly American way......(he says in London no one would ever ask how you were doing ........or say have a nice day........or the nice stuff we in the south say to perfect strangers)

    It did take some time to get used to his humour and his accent......

    I just think they are more reserved, act more mature ........look at how they handled themselves when the tube was bombed last summer.

    Anyway, I am going over this year.........I guess I will find out for myself...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • upside/down

    And l lets not forget..."The Young Ones".

    Everyone loves a British accent...everyone!

    u/d(of the Life of Brian class)

  • GentlyFeral

    slimboy fat said:

    Better boring than crazy.

    Wait a minute...

    gently feral

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    I say ole bean, ya ought to knock them right on the noggin, the stupid wankers. They're jolly right old fuddies for a good flanking. I know the British aren't boring, why I hear they had 5 jokes on prime tele in the last fort night. Good on you for bringin' this out 'n the bloody open. I'm going to wrinkle me nose right smart and frown at any who say Brits are boring.

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