Who didn't get picked in any of the "most hot" lists?

by MsMcDucket 184 Replies latest jw friends

  • Sparkplug

    McDucket- I can tell you honestly why you were not picked.

    All us gals are mad at you for coming up with, or telling them nasty boys about Steak and BJ day. We all have lock jaw and are thinking to ourselves, "We have to do this every year"?


  • Mary

    jaredg said: me...nobody picked me

    jaredg, I think you're very cute.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    I understand my condition, most people arn't into the cosmos.

  • jojochan

    i didn't get picked cause there is no one into daddy bears here.

    but I know where the daddy bear admirers lurk, hee hee hee.

    LOL at joelbear


  • IMustBreakAway

    No one likes giant red-beared vikings...

  • mrsjones5
    We all have lock jaw and are thinking to ourselves, "We have to do this every year"?

    OMG! LOL! No comment


  • wednesday

    ok I like this, a thread for the losers, those of us who did not get picked.

  • Sparkplug


    No one likes giant red-beared vikings...
    Not true. I have a thing for the red headed man with light skin. Of course I am thinking rugged irish catholic boy that we could corrupt each other...but vikings are just as neat. I saw some of 'dem movies with them men with pokey hats. (putting on best East Texas drawl) Mrs. Jones- I am so glad someone caught that. I was starting to feel about as welcome as a Walmart Superstore. (John Prine)
  • arrowstar

    ok...and the point would be??

    I had to pay good money to get on a list. So much for my kid's college fund...

  • Sparkplug

    slugga,diamond,detective- Your avatars make it very hard to cuddle with ya...You know?

    Joel- I cannot think of a thing, but I am giggling

    Wednesday- You are not a loser. Did you not see the Nerd alert I had going on Pg 7 of that thread. It all comes down to I have seen and someone mentioned...that the more you post, the more familiar you are to everyone. Thus your name gets slapped in the "hottie" thread.

    That is all. We all take turns and that is the fun of it. I know it hurts some people, to tell you the truth It used to hurt mine. But I started thinking it was just a way that people could say something about someone they admire without standing out.

    It is kind of hard to go from a conversation about 1914 and the degredation of Babylon the great, and yet slide in something like..."I want to lick your face."

    So thus the fluff thread. I bet most all people on this thread are Hotties too! And I bet some on the hot list would piss me off in a heartbeat is I met them in real life. lol. Why I even bet that some look nothing like the avatar they show..

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