Who didn't get picked in any of the "most hot" lists?

by MsMcDucket 184 Replies latest jw friends

  • MsMcDucket

    Mark Hughes, your post says it all "ME! I thought everyone likes pussy.........................cats.". How many women did you vote for on the ladies most hot list!? More than one! You like the ladies. I had two nicks for you either "Looking for Mrs. Good Bar hottie" or "Catdaddy hottie"! Eheh!

  • Sparkplug

    aw, thanks ballistic and sparkplug

    Sparkplug, I'm really not hot. I'm kinda geeky and hyper and too-intense really, not smooth wit da ladies by any stretch, LOL

    Change the words up Dan and you have me. That is pretty funny. I am the geek amongst the gals, and very geeky, Hyper especially if I first meet you, and intense. I have a perma wrinkle brow. Well visit the flirt thread and you shall see how not kewl I am!

    So I think that you can be hot if they put me on the thread.

  • Effervescent

    Dan, I think you underestimate the power of geekdom over the ladies...

    I caught myself a geek, and he's the sexiest thing EVER.

    Maybe it's all that talk about hard drives and software....

  • DanTheMan

    So, Effervescent and Sparkplug, would you ladies like to, uh...do it? uh hehheh, uh heheheheh

    Edited to add:

    Please pay no attention to this if you're not familiar at all with Beavis and Butthead :)

  • serendipity

    Well, I WAS thinking Dan was kind of hot - until that post.

  • LuckyNun

    I never get picked for hot lists. boohoo!!

  • LuckyNun
    Thanks Sparky. Yup, that's me in the avatar, maybe I'll change it soon to give everyone a different view of me, just for some variety. I've never been especially pretty, so I try to be pretty on the inside, that's what counts. After all, looks fade, right?? If you're not a good person on the inside, then what do you have??

    -Becka :)

    that's exactly why I spent my teenhood years working on my personality and wit. then, when my awkward stage finally passed, the whole package came together! I went and married a guy who spent most of his teenhood (okay, let's be honest, part of his adulthood) being the dorky loser. he came into his own, finally, and I was the lucky girl. nah, we're both lucky. we appreciate each other because we both know what it's like. and I think we make a cute couple.

  • DanTheMan

    Wow am I jealous of your guy there Lucky Nun :) Dan, 35-year-old-dorky-loser-still-waiting-to-come-into-his-own class

  • LuckyNun

    Dan the Man, you're just the kind of geeky adorable that makes girls like me melt. I have confidence you'll trip and fall over that special someone at the bookstore, someday.

  • AlmostAtheist

    Sometimes you just gotta speak out and undo great injustices...

    I've known DanTheMan for a number of years, both as a JW and now in our free state. He's been to my house a few times, once for an Aposta-Party. He's a warm light, he exudes caring. He understands you on a level that you don't understand yourself, and you don't even know it until after he's gone and you think about the things he's said. Dan's a stellar friend, I'm damned lucky to have him.

    And though I'm prolly not much of a judge, he seems as if he'd qualify as "hot". (Why do you think I always took you with me when I smoke outside? You think I'm gonna leave my wife alone with you?!?!)


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