Who didn't get picked in any of the "most hot" lists?

by MsMcDucket 184 Replies latest jw friends

  • Sparkplug


    I am just old

    with grey hair, .. some tell me its white.

    You know, I like older. White hair or bald is fine by me. They can teach me things. hehe

  • ballistic

    I wonder if this was a pro-jw board if they'd picked Jeehooba?

  • Sparkplug

    Drew- I went and looked at your blog. You have the best teeth and a great sence of humor. I like the cartoon about the paragraph.

    Now tell me please what you mean by cosmos.

  • wednesday


    it really can be hard to convey tone or attitude in a post. I guess I should have put a smiley in it somewhere b/c as i reread it, I can see how it came across. It was sweet of you to be so kind.

    I guess I was just having a laugh that with all the other lists, there was one for the not picked.

    I must work on getting my point across. I'll mark my counsil slip and remind myself to use smileys

  • vitty

    I never get picked on these threads

  • IMustBreakAway
    No one likes giant red-beared vikings...
    Not true.

    Aww thanks.. I am very pale and have red hair and green eyes. I'm actually of Irish decent but like to say i'm a viking.. (everyone wants to be irish right now..)

  • luna2

    LMAO, ballistic! I can picture it now: "I think Jehooba is hot because he rules the universe!"

    Sparky, good point made on the "Hottest" threads. Fluff can be fun...I just don't like to see anybody inadvertantly hurt so I tend to avoid them.

    Like wednesday mentioned (either here in in IP's thread), those popularity type threads have always struck me as very reminicent of jr. high school...a place I have no desire to revisit. LOL

  • Sparkplug

    wednesday- OMG I re-read what I posted and I sound so mommy'ish'. I am so sorry. I really was laughing thru the posting of it.

    I'm actually of Irish decent but like to say i'm a viking.. (everyone wants to be irish right now..)

    LMAO. I just want one to keep at home for my destructive purposes. What you said above cracks me up. It is like everyone wanting to be American Indian. Tis truly funny!

  • IMustBreakAway

    It will get old. And the irish will be repressed once again. (i mean come on in our wars the best we could do is take the post office.) But our drunken poetry will remain forever..

  • Sparkplug

    Luna! Where have you been? Missed ya!

    Yes they are Jr. Highish, but I tell you what, Jr High never gave me a compliment. So I kind of think it like rewriting the past. I really was down on them until someone mentioned my name the first time.

    I did a happy dance and had to admit to myself, that for all my liberal viewpoints and tree hugging...I am a closet fake boob wanter, I would love a BMW, I do want to be 140 or less lbs. I had to pass over the turnips and falafel, and grab a steak, I'm EVERY WOMAN. I like to be told I am a hottie. Lord knows I don't get told it ever enough.

    It was a humbling experience and yet a deliciously satisfying morsel of sin. "Mmmmm, yummy" I say in my best evil cartoon queen voice! he he he.

    Really though. Hot thread, Not thread, looser thread, or best ass and camel toes thread, I think they all serve a purpose. Attention. I will give due attention to each one because I think all should be noticed.

    I used to get upset because I was looked over a lot. Because of my quiet nerdy way..till this girl I know told me to grow up, grab me balls(Irish accent saying, They are magically delicious) , and make some noise. She let me know that if I was not noticed, I was not being loud enough. I was so mad at first. Then, I started squaking and it has not stopped since. lol

    It is all good and I really hope nobody takes it too serious. Keep it in the spirit of fun. Except for Ms McDucket,,because my jaw is still hurting and my squaking is muffled.

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