Strip Clubs

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  • delilah

    Jordan, I'd post a picture of my sister-in-law, but she'd kill me.

  • lilybird

    Yes, my husband has gone to strip clubs but I also went to watch the male strippers. So we are both happy. I know of a few of my husbands friends who would go secretly because their wives wouldn't allow them.Neither one of us have gone been for a few years now, because been there ,done

  • Jordan
    Jordan, I'd post a picture of my sister-in-law, but she'd kill me.

    Do it! If she tries to kill you, send her my way...

  • mrsjones5

    Would you approve of your significant other going (and enjoying) a strip club? Hm, I didn't have to approve of him going even though he did tell me when he was going. The times he went was for groom's men night out before a wedding of friends. He even with a few friends a couple of weeks before we got married. Upon his return, he's always told me the goings on. He also thinks it's funny to tell other people about it, who always assume that I would have a problem with it and kick his butt. I don't care if he looks, as long as he doesn't touch. Does get him excited though which is all good!

    As an aside, do you know of any active dubs who go to strip clubs? Nope! lol

  • curlygirl

    That's where I'm having my Js birthday party! I've never been to one but have always wanted too! I'm such a clean freak though. I'm worried that I'll be obsessed with cleaning the stripper pole!


  • undercover

    I go to strip clubs every so wife doesn't mind. She's even been once or twice.

    I've never seen a dub in the ones I've been to.

    I do remember a JW friend of mine getting in trouble for going to a strip club several years ago. His wife found out and made him go to the elders. He wasn't repentant about it, he loved it, but to stay out of trouble he played up the 'woe is me, I'm such a bad sinner' routine so the elders would cut him some slack.

  • luna2

    If I was in a relationship where I felt loved and secure, I wouldn't have a problem with the occassional visit to a strip club. If he went too often, though, I would probably worry that there was a problem.

    At one time I had a group of female friends (married and single), some of whom would get together every other month or so (the ones that lived a couple of hours from each other) to go to a strip club in Dallas (I never went, too expensive for a weekend with dubious entertainment value). I thought the whole thing became pretty silly after a while. They even joined the strip club's m/b so that they could have deep, meaningful conversations with other frustrated women about the various strippers. It was way too weird. LOL

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    In the early 70's (70-75), I worked as an exotic dancer in strip clubs in Dallas. You'd be amazed at the people that frequent them. From ALL walks of life.


  • DigitalFokus

    i haven't been to one in a long time. 2 years i think since then. I almost married a striper

    (and don't get all "its an art form" on me and want me to call them "dancers". they take their clothes off for $$$$ they are STRIPPERS!!)

    and it was no bueno, she was a whooooer.

    strip clubs are ok in my book and could care less who goes or not. and i haven't gone only because i have spent the last few years working my ass off havent had the time. but!! my little bro (who is a bible thumper, not a dub though) is getting married in may and refuses to go to one. so i will have to find a way to trick him into seeing some boobs.

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie
    (and don't get all "its an art form" on me and want me to call them "dancers". they take their clothes off for $$$$ they are STRIPPERS!!)

    DF, it used to be "an art form" in that we did a performance.....a show......we practiced for it and we each had our own sets of music and style of performance.....and we didn't hafta "ho" if we didn't wanna. I was trained by one of Jack Ruby's girls, Lisa Kellogg.

    All that's changed since I left the biz, I'm sure.


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