Strip Clubs

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  • Smiles_Smiles

    Stripped all during college and a little after that. Actually met my ex-husband at work. They can be harmless. Thank goodness I worked in Texas up scale clubs, though. Because some of the 'hole-n-the-walls' can get kind of raunchy. But live and let live, I always say.

  • pratt1

    Frannie, I knew you were a wealth of knowledge but experience as well.

    Wow, now I can't get up from my desk!

  • lonelysheep
    Would you approve of your significant other going (and enjoying) a strip club?

    No, but who am I to control anyone. A person will do what they want to with or without approval. Been through this.

    As an aside, do you know of any active dubs who go to strip clubs?
    No, but it sure wouldn't surprise me.
  • stillajwexelder

    I went to one many years ago- do not think I would mind my wife going to one for a bit of fun - and BTW I WOULD NOT REPORT HER TO THE ELDERS EITHER

  • Chimene

    My JW husband stood me up several times when we were dating because he was busy getting a lap dance........................don't get me started

  • daystar


    My JW husband stood me up several times when we were dating because he was busy getting a lap dance........................don't get me started

    What an utter ass!

  • james_woods

    I had forgotten that we had a servant (before elders) who got caught standing in line for the movie "Last Tango in Paris". Seems he did not know that the OKCityTimes was going to take a picture of the long lines qued up for this brand new racy hit picture. Yes, some goody two shoes spotted it in the paper and ratted him out. No, not me - the perp and the stoolie are both still either elder or MS.

    Guess I should admit that my dog Chance was sort of adopted from a club. He was the best looking of the unwanted puppies (Dalmation/Lab mix)because he was the only one that turned out black and white like a Dal. His human mommy Angel made me shoot pool with her manager for him with $100 to back up my side of the bet. Hence his name Chance. I still had to spend the $100 to get him shots and a license. He also thew up in my Vette on the way home - but he is now all grown up and is a great and loyal watchdog.

  • Chimene
    What an utter ass!

    Yes, he sure was, I hate his guts

    I personally went to a strip show once, they traveled to different clubs in the south east. I stayed way in the back, I didn't want some strange man rubbing all over me like the girls next to the stage. This one dancer came all the way to the back and rubbed himself all over my backside, it made me sick. Then when it was over, he got dressed and wanted me to take him out, he got pissed because I said no. I don't know, I guess different things are for different people, but that was my first and last experience, did not like it at all

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    Interesting topic. Can't add to the discussion, i've never been to one.

  • misspeaches

    I don't care if he goes to one. I know nothing will come of it. The guys I know go for bucks nights and reunions and things. Its all a lot of harmless fun.

    But I have a funny story about strip clubs... (well funny for me anyway...)

    My exboss (female) who liked the fairer sex, took a few of us girls out one night and then took us to a strip club. Well I was fine. I've seen movies before with strippers I know what goes on there... So I thought!

    We walk in and I was alarmed to see that the stripper on the stage had NO c lothes on! And I very loudly declared 'Oh my goodness she's NAKED!!' I was so surprised! Every movie I had seen with strippers they kept their knickers ON! So I assumed this is how strip clubs operated. Everyone thought it was hilarious. I was extremely embarrassed at my nievety. Anyway it was an education.

    And Misanthropic please elaborate upon your employment at a strip club....

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