Strip Clubs

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  • jojochan
    I used to work at one.

    ! Oh the stories you could tell!


  • LDH

    LOL, so now we have two self-professed 'good looking men' who claim they have never had a problem getting laid.

    Any more 'good looking men' gonna chime in and say they get whatever they want, when they want?


    Too old of a cat Class

  • jojochan
    My JW husband stood me up several times when we were dating because he was busy getting a lap dance........................don't get me started

    What a DAMN shame... I would've begged you to dance for me if I belonged to you though.


  • jojochan
    Any more 'good looking men' gonna chime in and say they get whatever they want, when they want?

    I do admit I am sort of a brat when it comes to getting what I want. I do best in the power of persuasion though. Plus...I'm a patient man.


  • RubaDub

    Not a big deal ... unless you live in one of the red states I guess.

    I have been to several in my life but never thought they were a big deal. MY WIFE wanted to go with me about a year ago since she had never been to one. We went to a real classy one in Miami and I think I had a better time with her than when I went alone or with a guy.

    She was Ms. Critique on all the girls bodies, which ones had their boobs done, which ones has this or that. It was fun to watch her patrol the area.

    I sort of think I would like to go back with her or another couple.

    Rub a Dub

  • ballistic
    Any more 'good looking men' gonna chime in and say they get whatever they want, when they want?

    The guys over this side of the pond would probably be a little more honest about that, I think it's a cultural thing.

  • FlyingHighNow

    I went to a club with a guy. It completely de-mystified the whole thing for both of us. He had never seen them through a girl's eyes before. I laughed the entire time I was there. It just brought out the giggles in me. It was a money makin' machine. The clubs don't intimidate me at all anymore. If Andy ever wants to go to one, he just needs to bring me along, then it won't bother me. In a way though, you might as well just go straight to a dumpster and throw your money in it.

  • Gregor

    In this state they are very liberal with the stripping laws. It's totally nude and the clubs are on every corner like McDonalds.

    I asked my wife of 41 yrs. if she would mind if I went into one and had a beer.

    She said "Hell yes, I'd mind" So that was that.

  • misanthropic

    :: And Misanthropic please elaborate upon your employment at a strip club....

    I needed a job and I needed to make enough to pay my bills. I didn't mind it so much, it isn't as big a deal as some peole make it out to be. Hey it's a job just like anything else.

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie
    Frannie, I knew you were a wealth of knowledge but experience as well.

    hmmm......yes and it was a job with a pretty good income. Since I was a single Mom, the good income came in real handy. That's why I took the job in the first place. We didn't make money off our performances on stage, however. We were trained to sell fake "champagne" for a commission. The stage performances were to attract clientele. The clientele was mostly upperclass, since our club was near Love Field and across from a classy hotel......upperclass unless the Shriners were having a convention, that is.

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