Wow LittleToe!

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  • jwfacts

    Amazing, I'm surprised your elders let you get so far.

  • Chimene
    Amazing, I'm surprised your elders let you get so far.

    Wow, I second that, Bravo

  • jonsey

    Incredible...I just finished listening to it. I too am suprised that you were not tackled of the platform or your mic being cut-off! Superb!!!


  • LittleToe


    Your favorite Scripture Ross?

    One of them. How did you guess?


    It kind of sends the hairs on the back of your neck rigid when you understand the magnitude of his losses from that one 20 minute talk

    Almost as scary as singing Bohemian Rhapsody in front of a bunch of folks you don't know

    Legolas:Better felt than telled. As it turned out it wasn't anything that quite a number of other Christians (albeit not all) hadn't experienced).

    It only got better and better

    I don't know who was more shocked. Me, for being allowed to get through it all; or them, having to listen to it!

    There's a brief pause near the end that felt like an eternity, at the time. It was just before I addressed the kids with a final sentence or two. I had made to get off the stage and was joined by the PO.

    When I caught the eye of one of the kids I stepped back to the mic, and the PO stood shoulder to shoulder with me, not moving, while I finished.

    Then, after I grabbed the tape from the dumbstruck boys on the sound desk (it was at the front by the podium, and I'd supplied my own tape, that morning) and walked down the aisle, he announced the middle song

  • billyboy

    These experiences flatter the ego of the participant & go down well with opposers. Personally I feel it is a betrayal of trust. Those I know who endured LTs talk feel he was abusing his position & speak of it in very negative terms - they would be disappointed (but not surprised) to learn that it is available in MP3 format online. How would he feel about a speaker in his church doing the same thing?

  • LittleToe

    Did you listen to the sound file, before you launched your tirade, Billy?

  • MidwichCuckoo

    I have JUST listened to it! (I had previously read the transcript) and WOW......I am gobsmacked - I expected a Scottish accent!

    Amazing Littletoe - were there a lot of dropped jaws staring back at you?

  • billyboy

    I ask again - how would you feel if a speaker in your church acted like you did? Would you make an effort to stop the individual or would you feel that it was his right to say whatever he wanted?

    You will recall the way John McCririck spoke at Robin Cook's funeral - I put your conduct in the same category.

  • MidwichCuckoo

    I obviously didn't mean dropped jaws LITERALLY staring.....Gawd, now I'm rambling.

  • diamondblue1974
    Almost as scary as singing Bohemian Rhapsody in front of a bunch of folks you don't know

    And the evidence of which we still have


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