Wow LittleToe!

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  • Check_Your_Premises

    I second the "wow" LT.

    I had no idea you went out with such a bang. I understand what your intentions were, but I would love to have heard that you did this at an assembly.

    Well, I know how much strain this has probably put on your family. But you are following your conscience, so I hope whatever suffering you are enduring be lessened by that fact.

    Take care,


  • ballistic
    My personal view is that the witnesses come to the meetings to listen to the scriptures developed in harmony with the doctrines developed by Jehovahs’s witnesses.

    Anyone spot the subtle irony here? My personal view is that people come to this forum to give and receive support in leaving the "organisation" rather than using it as a personal soap box.

  • kid-A

    Naturally a JW troll would be offended by anyone with the audacity to speak the truth about "the truth (tm)".

    I imagine the scene where LT spoke, the dub drones sitting through another dull, droning "meeting", reciting canned answers, listening to the sales pitches of their watchtower corporate masters. Enduring the crap Muzak King-dumb "melodies".......Then LT speaks.....the plugs going into their brains are temporarily pulled out.....the computer has malfunctioned! Sparks are flying from their ears as LT begins to speak....yes! INDEPENDENT THOUGHTS!!! The mortal enemy of the JW drone!! How can these words be coming out of his mouth? How can he be questioning the programmed thought processes in my watchtower conditioned mind? What has happened to the universe???

    What a moment, and thank you LT for sharing that. Its not just an inspiration for those leaving the JWs. We should ALL have the balls to do what LT did when fighting against lies. It is truly inspirational no matter what the context.

  • Clam

    Brilliant stuff Little Toe - that's made my day. You sure have got balls guts.

    Oh and I think you look more like a young Donald Houston.


    Had I been there I would have stood up and applauded!!!!!

    I can only hope that more elders will do the same in the coming years....


  • Abaddon


    Of course billy didn't listen. He'd already judged you and found you guilty, why should little things like the FACTS actually effect what he thinks?

    This was especialy funny;

    Personally I feel it is a betrayal of trust.

    Someone can only talk about a "betrayal of trust" without gross hypocracy in this situation if they are totally ignorant about the organisation. Doctrinal incompetrence aside it has betrayed the trust of sincere JW's over issues like Bulgaria, Malawi and Mexico, the UN etc..

    Those I know who endured LTs talk feel he was abusing his position & speak of it in very negative terms - they would be disappointed (but not surprised) to learn that it is available in MP3 format online.

    As you correctly gauge Ross, this guy's not even followed the links...

    How would he feel about a speaker in his church doing the same thing?

    Oh, I think if a speaker was able to demonstrate with scripture that the doctrines being taught in that church (especially if it was impossible to disagree with those doctrines without explusion) were false, LT would be quite happy about someone doing that. Because Ross cares about truth as he sees it, and is willing to upset men to speak that sincere belief, rather than living and speaking a lie.


    Where would we be without men/women willing to step forward and speak the "TRUTH"????

    Because Ross cares about truth as he sees it, and is willing to upset men to speak that sincere belief, rather than living and speaking a lie.


  • jgnat

    I notice that Billy doesn't modify his comments or take much notice of our observations, simply re-iterates his stance. I also would be very interested to know if he actually read Little Toe's last talk.

    Interestingly, nearly a hundred years ago Jehovah's Witnesses were encouraged to give a similar disassociation talk in their churches.

    What has happened to the Watchtower society? Aren't they interested in the TRUTH any longer?

    Also WOW, I'm thrilled that Little Toe's talk is getting renewed interest. If an elder were to decide to go out with a bang, he's certainly shown us how.

  • atypical

    LT, I just sat and listened to your entire talk. You are a brave man and a great individual. I cannot even imagine the courage it took to do that. You did not stir up trouble in any way. You focused on mercy, which is something that the witnesses conveniently overlook. You gave a loving goodbye which confirmed your affection for the individual people and allowed them to have the whole story, not just a quick announcement from another elder during the service meeting.

    You have my admiration for what you did.

  • IP_SEC


    508 views in one day. How you like dem apples WT? (edit to remove the word wow before it becomes too cliche )

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