In a few sentances, why did you leave the truth?........

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  • Madame Quixote
    Madame Quixote

    I was a teen who wanted to live my life, not be controlled by a bunch of lifetime drop-outs.

  • Golf

    They fail to meet the scriptural standard at John 13:35


  • Alakzam

    At 17 I knew I wanted things "the truth" couldn't, true friends, unconditional love, thursday nights off to play fotboll ...I stayed out because I would never put my children through the hell of being raised a JW.

  • ferret

    No love there, did not leave on my own, got the boot, but it was only a matter of time anyways.

  • FairMind

    I haven’t officially but I left emotionally and intellectually a long time ago. The things for me were the realizations that everything is about control and that what was important wasn’t the real truth (facts) but what people thought. There is also a lot of hypocrisy in what the WTS teaches and what it practices.

  • 144001

    I never left the "truth," but I did terminate my involvement with the Watchtower corporate cult well before I became an adult. The "Truth?" The "Truth" is that the Watchtower is an incredible ploy to extract money from good people and at the same time exert maximum control over their lives. Sad but true.

  • tall penguin
    tall penguin

    As I wrote in my disassociation letter:
    I hereby disassociate myself from the WatchTower organization. I have, and will continue to, diligently aspire to the Christian principles of truth, honesty, love and justice. And as this is my goal in my dedication to Jehovah God, I can no longer in good conscience be affiliated with an organization that consistently violates these principles as well as my desire to follow them.
    tall penguin

  • Nolita

    I could no longer force myself to defend things I knew were wrong.

    Living forever seems utterly pointless anyway, even if it could happen.

    I want to experience being alive now...a "balanced" (ha!) life is just so beige...


    How exactly are magazines supposed to save the world anyway?

  • secretlove

    Misanthropic wrote:

    "I could never have stayed in a religion or anything else that treats women the way the witnesses do."

    How do they treat women? I'm not a JW, this is all a little new to me.

  • jonsey

    double standards...

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