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  • FairMind
    "Every day, kids are talking about sex. Girls even approach guys

    This much I believe is very common. As for the rest of it, I'm sure it has happened but it isn't the norm. Heck using the WT's reasoning JWs shouldn't go to the KH since most of thost DF'd were fornicators.

  • limbogirl

    Where is the school in question....I want to register. :)

  • Tuesday

    What school is this? That would be FANTASTIC!!!!

  • GentlyFeral
    there is one group of people that do listen when they are counseled on matters of morality,can you guess which

    Unitarian Universalists.

    BTW, ezra - next time cite some references besides Watchtower publications to back up your point. An assertion is NOT a logical argument, nor is it evidence of any kind.


  • kristyann

    Someone said: "These things might happen in the most extreme of circumstances but they are hardly common place; whoever the society interviewed are obviously talking out of their arses...but what would you expect from a 15 and 16 year old being brought up as they are. "

    I don't think the WTS ACTUALLY interviews people for these things... they make it all up. They don't go and ask people quesitons and interview them... MAYBE on rare occasions, but please, I would say either all of those interviews are made up or the good majority! And ESPECIALLY THE LETTERS in Awake. Kids always write and say "I appreciate your article to hear what other young ones like me have to say." KIDS DO NOT CALL THEMSELVES "YOUNG ONES." Those articles and letters are written so unprofessionally... none of those phony stories are true, either. I am REALLY SURE (sarcasm) that some old man came up to a lady in a restaurant and said "The other children that come in here scream and cry and ruin the chairs, but your kids are so well behaved. What is your secret?" And the woman said "My husband and I try to teach our children Biblical principles and apply what we learn to our lives. We are Jehovah's Witnesses." And then the man said "I am Jewish, and was in a concentration camp. I knew several Jehovah's Witnesses there, and even then, they stood out as different. I must look into your religion." Are you kidding me? That stuff OBVIOUSLY does not happen.

  • Nolita

    Homeschool High isn't exempt from such behavior either. I have heard reports of orgies and other such risque behavior occurring between those "sheltered and innocent" ones of the home school class, you know the very ones who should be shocked at the mere mention of the word "sex."

    I must admit that public schools can be scary places, at least in my area. At the middle school my sister attended, a girl was raped right in the classroom while class was in session. Another report was from an elementary school, a 10 year old boy sexually assaulted a 7 year old girl in the bathroom. Of course, reports of sexual crimes in school are much more disturbing to me than reports of consensual sexual activity.

    There will always be teenagers who choose to act on what their raging hormones tell them to do and those who choose to deal with it and wait. (The ones in my area exercise great self control and wait until they get home from school, then use the public laundry rooms in the apartment community.)

    Anyhow, if a youngster is really concerned about their inability to stand up to the peer pressure to violate something they are fully convinced is unquestionably right, I suppose they could always ask mom and dad to buy them a chastity belt.

  • Sunnygal41

    I've asked middle and high school kids if this was true and they said yes it is. In some schools it does happen. It's not a lie. Terri

  • Gill

    Swalker - I have read your site. Though for one minute I don't doubt kids are having sex, information that this portrays gives the impression that kids are lining up in school for oral sex.

    The Watchtower gives the impression that 'Sex' is one of the main lessons on the timetable.

    When did the teachers all leave school?

    Maybe outside of school, I agree anything is possible, but IN school? Time we sacked all the teachers then, isn't it?

  • upside/down

    Funny...well not really...the only place I saw that blatant of conduct was at the Kingdumb Hall and at Conventions...

    But that's just me...


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