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  • jgnat
    "At my school, homosexuals do immoral things in full view of other kids and think nothing of it."

    Like kissing and holding hands, I imagine.

  • diamondblue1974
    we are living in a modern day soddam and gommorah ,do you honestly think anyone cares .when people speak out against these things ,does the rest of the population suuddenly become obedient and stop these activitites,there is one group of people that do listen when they are counseled on matters of morality,can you guess which

    Counselled by who in fact?

  • Scully

    The ages of the kids quoted there is 15 and 16. My guess is that they are both either feeding at trough of the teenage gossip mongers or they are looking at normal behaviour like holding hands, kissing, flirting, etc. (or even showering in locker rooms, for example) and labelling it as promiscuity or homosexuality.

    When I was in high school, there were rumors about people all the time... but I never actually saw anything. And my strict JW parents warned me about showering in the locker rooms. That's where the lesbians would gang up on me, dontcha know.

    Anything is possible in the realm of paranoia and delusions.

  • diamondblue1974
    That's where the lesbians would gang up on me, dontcha know.

    If I had been told that Scully, I wouldve forever been in the girls shower rooms

    I had such a sheltered life lol


  • proplog2

    I went to a school in a very poor part of town. I was in 5th grade in 1956. A couple of times I had to stay after school for fighting. I was shocked when I heard the teacher scold a group of the other kids who had been having sex. The teacher (male) was dealing with a girl who had been pulling a train in one of the window wells at recess. I hardly knew what sex was at 10 and here were kids already doing it.

    Again that was 1956 - the year Disneyland opened in Anaheim California. McDonalds was just starting to pop up around the country. Everyone rushed home to watch Mickey Mouse CLub . Apparently Disney had the right idea when he hired Annette Fuincello as the "up front" mouseketeer.

    At that time no one would have believed what was going on in some of the poor schools.

  • Gill

    Proplog2 - I don't doubt your experiences and that kids are sexually active. However, let's read what Eileen, 16, says again:

    'EVERY DAY, kids are talking about sex. Girls even approach guys, and they have sex right there at school.'

    What picture does that paint to you?

    Not far off, they're dropping on the floor of the corridors having sex all over the place. I don't think they are. In fact, I'm Positive they're not.

  • Collegegurl

    kissing and holding hand happens, which to a strict jw would be immoral especially for homosexuals. I never even heard a rumor of kids having sex at school. It's not like random people approach others and ask for sex, at least not at my old school. I'm sure it has happened before, but its not a big problem. now what happens at their homes may be a different story.

  • undercover

    My cousin had sex at school. There was an abandoned building next to the school and the dopers had found a way in so they could get high. My cousin and her boyfriend skipped a class, went over to the building and did the deed. She told me later. This was back in the 70s.

    I heard of a few other instances where somebody got lucky on school grounds but it was never in plain view. It was always in secret. There was some necking in the halls, but if a teacher saw it, they broke it up pretty quick.

    While I'm sure kids today are more sexually active then when I was in school, I'm still sure that kids aren't having sex in plain view of everyone else. Unless JW kids consider kissing and necking as 'sex'. Since JWs have a big hangup on any kind of public display of affection, it wouldn't surprise me that JW kids see a couple kiss and think 'sex' or see two guys hug and think 'homo'.

  • lucifer

    I know that kids do have sex at school, not like crazy nymphs, but it happens

  • joelbear

    from articles i've read oral sex has become quite prevalent in all sorts of public places between boy/girl and boy/boy combinations. it has especially caught on with the hets who have signed the abstain from sex agreement.

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