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    Gill...I happened to catch this show and believe me they had a number of interviews of kids admitting to this behavior. A number of parents and professionals were backing up these stories as well. What hit me the hardest was the fact that 11 and 12 yr olds were having oral sex and not understanding they were having sex! Mostly it was due to peer pressure and girls were coerced into it to be part of the group. My question was, "where are all the teachers?"


  • Gill

    Swalker - I remember a case of a well of suburb in the US where all the parents were at work all summer. The kids got onto the hard porn on satellite TV and decided to enact it. However, there were no adults around. Turned out, after the police were involved as well they didn't know it was not right, according to psychologists.

    However....school is another thing altogether.

  • luna2

    The WTS probably only interviews JW teens for this stuff. If you were some good little dubby and you had the privilege of being interviewed for an article in one of the mags, what would you say? Of course, you are going to highlight and exaggerate anything you could think of to show how other kids, kids who don't have the protection of being Witnoids, are oh so bad at school. "They are all so immoral. Thank Jeblowbah that we aren't like that! School is so hard on us pure and innocent kids." And the adults writing this tripe just eat it up with a spoon.

  • BizzyBee
    there is one group of people that do listen when they are counseled on matters of morality,can you guess which

    Santa & his elves? Snow White and the 7 Vertically-challenged carpenters?

    ezra: you left your pants down, hon.......

    Could you perhaps make it just a bit more challenging for us to kick your cute little ol' ass? Otherwise we will get bored with you (and PBJ) and become cranky whiny-butts.......unlike how we are the rest of the time.

  • Poztate
    Granted, there was lots of "heavy petting" and making out and groping going on, plus the usual hand-holding and flirting, but unless shoving your tongue down someone else's throat is now considered sex, then I don't think it's appropriate to say that lots of kids are having sex all the time in high school

    All those activities sounded more like when I did bleacher patrol at a large international assembly (yes JW) There are a lot of hot and heavy hormone trips going on with the teens and it is certainly not confined to high school only.

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