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  • diamondblue1974
    'As pointed out earlier, your classmates may talk about sex ALL the time or make boasts about their alleged encounter.'

    For goodness sake its natural for kids of that age 13+ to talk about sex...its new (or it should be), its confirmation that they are naturally developing into adolescents and that their curiosities are awaked. They might boast but likely they are simply not telling the truth, if they are then thats an exceptional circumstance and it is at the fault of the parents.

    Here we can see the WTBTS attempting sexual repression at an early age; dont be tempted into talking about it, dont think about it, dont even consider it. All this curiosity is natural in my view and this is the opportunity for parents to be open and honest about it but at the same time instilling some clear moral guidelines.

    A friend of mine told me that he was made by his parent to go the elders because he had had a wet dream when he was a teenager, how misguided was that? Luckily, (if you can call it that), the elder who he went to apparently told him it was natural and not to worry but to avoid thinking about it.

    The society do not have a clue!


  • carla

    How assinine.

  • mrsjones5

    It's scare tactics

  • unique1

    When I was in Middle School 6-8 grades, two different couples were caught doing it under the bleachers. There was a trail from the Middle School to the High School and it was always littered with used condoms and sometimes underwear, so I assume some action was going on there as well. Both places were on school grounds.

  • stillajwexelder

    In the Midwest 3 kids were caught having a threesome on the schoolbus a few months back - I do not think this is an exagerration - not everywhere in the world but certainly parts of it

  • TheListener

    Does this stuff happen? Of course.

    Does it happen everywhere, everday? Of course not.

    The problem with the WTS articles is that they take specific issues, hot button ones, grab quotes from believers and form an entire article based on this.

    They don't look at the issue objectively, their intent is to demonize worldly kids and cause an us versus them attitude in JW youths. I don't believe it's working.

  • ezra

    we are living in a modern day soddam and gommorah ,do you honestly think anyone cares .when people speak out against these things ,does the rest of the population suuddenly become obedient and stop these activitites,there is one group of people that do listen when they are counseled on matters of morality,can you guess which

  • mrsjones5

    no but youre gonna tell us arent you

    Good grief ezra the jws dont have the market cornered on morality...far from it

  • figureitout

    I am guilty party of this myslef in HighSchool. Even so I would say it more of an Enigma then anything. But really what is the message they are sending... High School kids think and talk about sex while at school... Well holy hell Sherlock and Elder/soon to be MS boy there working the amp is thinking about nailing some chick. It is absurd to think that JW kids are immune to having sexual desires.. that is the Rubbish part of this article.

  • Genesis

    Ezra said :

    there is one group of people that do listen when they are counseled on matters of morality,can you guess which?

    The Flying Nuns ?

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