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  • Virgochik

    They take one misguided quote from a naive teen and blow it all out of proportion and voila! "See what is going on in every school, every day? Surely, Jepoopah is bringing the end speedily upon us! We can see how the world is growing increasingly wicked and it is even dangerous for our youth to attend school where immorality is RAMPANT!" Bla-bla-bla. I heard pretty much the same thing in the 70's, about how wicked high school kids were. Most of my class were very serious and we had a high rate of college enrollments. The hot topic was, "Are you ready for the SAT?' Not, "Are you ready for the orgy?"

  • AuldSoul

    My 13-year-old niece has been propositioned at school several times. I don't think this is made up. I think most parents don't know (as always, in every generation) what their kids go through at school.

    When I was 12 the kid who sat next to me sold drugs from his fedora's hatband during recess and the grandson of the School Superintendent did whatever the hell he pleased on Public School grounds. I knew who would give BJs, I knew who had drugs, I knew who would go all the way, even though I never did any of those things.

    I'm 33 now. Things haven't gotten better the more girls at a younger age dress like skanks from MTV, BET, and VH-1. There is a uniform policy at my niece's school, but she said that most of the guys are turned on by the "Britney Spears uniforms" (presumably from the video, "Oops, I did it again").

    I'm not so sure we can call "lie" on this one.


  • Bstndance
    "At my school, homosexuals do immoral things in full view of other kids and think nothing of it." - Michael, 15.

    Sounds like this kid has locker room fantasies.

  • Super_Becka

    OK. I've just read this in the March 2006 - I reckon its an out and out lie and I challenge anyone to find a school where this is happening.

    This is in the Young People Ask section:

    'How can I say no to sex at school?'

    "Every day, kids are talking about sex. Girls even approach guys, and they have sex right there at school." - Eileen, 16.

    "At my school, homosexuals do immoral things in full view of other kids and think nothing of it." - Michael, 15.


    I do not believe for one minute this is true. If it was it would be plastered on the front of every newspaper as an outrage.

    What do you think?

    Hmm, I've been out of high school for almost three years, but I still clearly remember what it was like there and I don't recall seeing any sex happening anywhere on school grounds. And I went to the largest high school in my area - about 900 students, grades 10 through 12. (Yeah yeah, I know that sounds tiny for some of you cityslickers, but where I'm from, that's a HUGE school - when I was younger, the school I attended had about 150 students from Kindergarten through grade 9, so my high school was monstrously huge to me.)

    Granted, there was lots of "heavy petting" and making out and groping going on, plus the usual hand-holding and flirting, but unless shoving your tongue down someone else's throat is now considered sex, then I don't think it's appropriate to say that lots of kids are having sex all the time in high school. Sure, they talk about it a lot, but that's because they're swimming in hormones, and I know plenty of people who are way too old for high school who talk about sex all the time, too, it's part of growing up and maturing. Let's face it, everyone thinks about sex on a regular basis once puberty hits, it's perfectly natural. And talking about it, too - I live with 3 girls and we're all in our early 20s, sex is something that comes up a lot in conversation.

    I have heard stories of teenage girls giving BJs in junior high and I'm sure there are a few brave and adventurous souls who will find ways to have sex somewhere on school grounds, even if it's just for the bragging rights, but I don't think it's quite as prominent as the JWs are making it look in the above statements. They make it sound like high school is just one big orgy now!! I don't remember high school being that interesting. Sure, teenagers talk about sex a lot, teenage couples make out a lot, there's lots of hand-holding and all of that, but I'm damn sure that there aren't couples doing the nasty all over the hallways in high schools. Unless kissing suddenly means sex, in which case I missed the memo.

    Hey, young people might be a little crazy and hormonally driven, but we're not that bad!! Give us a break, we deserve some respect here!!

    -Becka :)

  • ocsrf

    I can't imagine this; however, there are alot of things that go on that I can't believe. One thing is for sure, that many young ones even many years ago when I was in school do carry on this way outside of the school building, sometimes not to far off from school grounds. The thing that I have always believed is if a teenager wants to be involved in those things there is no parent alive who is going to be able to stop them short of locking them in a closet. I have also seen many a home schooled younster grow up and act every bit a wordly as some of the most wordly educated young ones. The other thing that happens is, once they are 18 and work part time and pioneer, how many of those pretty young sisters or handsome young brothers don't fall into the temptation that takes place at the wordly work place, even if it is only part time.


  • greendawn

    When I was at school in the 1970's people had sex especially after 15, that's for sure, but it is something natural in a liberal society.

    As for homos doing things in public at school I think that's an exaggeration unless they occasionally briefly kiss each other. Back then they were bullied and despised so they wouldn't be open about it.

  • jojochan

    I believe as well that it is blown out of porportion, I went to a continuation high school, the worst of the worst was there. They were so bad they had to buzz you in just to set foot into the place. Kids smoked, not drank, but as for sex went; there was more fighting than sex if anything. I only can recall one time that I walked in on a couple having sex, and it was'nt the kids.


  • ferret

    Ezra. Pull your head out of your rectum and open your eyes. There is as much immorality in the JW's as there is anywhere else. I know this for a fact.

  • Terry

    Want to know the fallacy of Homeschooling as applies to Jehovah's Witnesses?

    Being a Witness Means you are there.

    If you are JEHOVAH'S Witness you are there to give testimony to all those poor lost souls about Jehovah.

    If you stay home and cover your eyes and ears the kids at school receive NO WITNESS!

    Can anybody say "Hypocrite"?

    Being one of Jehovah's Witnesses (if it were really patterned after the faithful men of old) would entail going right in where the wicked are mixing it up and giving a good loud and long testimoney about what Jehovah requires.

    But, this ain't uh gonna happen! No way!

    What JW's are about today is keeping themselves locked up in a Kingdom Hall and only safely tapping on doors when they have a fist full of magazines and books to give their witness for them.

  • ColdRedRain

    "How can I say no to sex at school?"

    Simple. By telling the person that she should be teaching, not boinking you.

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