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  • Think


    Don't be scared. The truth is not far away from you. GOD is THE TRUTH.

    God is Love. Everything what he created, IS the truth.

    Jesus IS the Truth, and the life, and the way.

    Trust God. Pray to him. He will guide you.

    Read the Bible. Alone. Without magazines or books. Think.

    In the Bible there is simple message: Love God and your neigbour.

    Go to library, find some good books, read.

    We are with you.

  • diamondblue1974


    Email address is [email protected]

    I will dig the book out for you!

  • Cordelia

    thanks db i appreciate it,

    I really do want to believe its not the truth so i canbreak free from my familys emotional blackmial my dad even said today, he may die soon so i have to be right before hedoes!!!

  • mrsjones5

    Oh you're dad is good at twisting the screws Cordelia

  • diamondblue1974

    thanks db i appreciate it,

    I really do want to believe its not the truth so i canbreak free from my familys emotional blackmial my dad even said today, he may die soon so i have to be right before hedoes

    You are more than welcome.

    My advice is that you need to look at things objectively, challenge your current beliefs and research more.

    The book I mentioned will help.


  • Cordelia

    thanks db ill email you soon,

    thanks everyone else

    i know what i must do. its just the doing it thats hard, ive ended up making things worse than they would of been by trying to not hurt everyone ive ended up prob gonna hurt them more than i would of done at the start! as you all told me, (i'll listen one day!!!!!)

  • Jake99

    I have never been a JW but I did participate in the bread and wine ceremony at one meeting. Its a shame so many people end up there looking for guidance and end up misled. I agree with the earthly renewal philosophy that the Messiah brings that is published in the magazines. What they are trying to do is prepare you for the King of Kings and it is His way not the JW's way that makes all work as one with each other. You will not need a church, a magazine or a newspaper to complain with in the New World. In essense they are telling you to follow the Messiah, not them, they will be out of business. The KH's I have seen could be converted into restaraunts or fuction halls not to mention housing for refugees from around the world.

    You see the preachers just lead you to the Truth, the Way and the Light, he is not of this world and yet has been mysteriously a huge part of it. The money changers, salesman, profiteers, soldiers and false prophets will all end up in the lake of fire being reborn as conservationalists and environmentalists. Its a system change and nobody gets hurt, a one day training seminar from the Messiah and all, are on the right path. Its a path your heart was designed to follow, no book required.

    The Messiah will submit thousands of facts that prove he is the truth.the question is will you look at it. He is just as strange, just as wise, just as stated, just as mysterious and just as miraculous as the JW's and all the others say he will be. Tiger Woods, Pete Sampras, Bill Gates, Bobby Fisher, Albert Einstein Henry Ford and all the best of the rest in one man. Not that those people are actually the best but they sure did some wondrous things. Roll a trillion or whatever of those men into one man and that is the Christ who wakes you and asks you to give to him what belongs to God. And he will give to man what belongs to man.

  • Valient

    Hillary Clinton reiterated that there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

  • Valient

    Really is 'truth' attainable about God? I have found religious and scientific models of our physical universe very instrumental in understanding

    wether WE can or can not attain enlightenment. The answer is Yes, but it will take aeons for mankind to do so.

    It is amazing what people have thought in the past about the known universe of their day. For instance, Ptolemy taught that ALL

    celestial bodies were emeshed to a crystalline sphere that rotated around earth. Unfortuantely, the Western Church twisted scriptures

    to uphold this false premise to their ambarrassment. Later, Copernican model helped pave the way for Galieo and Newton to shed light on

    a sun centered solar-system where all the planets including the earth rotate around the sun and how f(orce)=m(ass)xa(ccelleration), laws of

    motion and gravity, and most recently We have been taught futher refinements of truth. Hubble in 1927 proved that the Universe is not static

    but continues to speed away in all directions at the speed of light which Einstein came up with Relativity which explains many more

    phenomenons that are observed today. And yet OUR scientists say there are still many things still not understood, which means WE

    still have only a VAGUE understanding of the universe around US; YES 'TRUTH' is an ongoing quest that should not be thrown away

    wastefully but should be recycled and reused and refined and just maybe WE will someday have a deeper grasp but for now we

    should marvel and remain curious.

  • Cordelia

    thank you everyone, i have been thru so much recently. its horriable seeing how hurt my parents were when i saw its not the trruth etc, and so knowing you guys feel the same really helps!

    ip sec, that is a good thing to think that even if thers a chsnce it could be the 'truth' why would i want anything to do with a god like that??

    im feeling pretty low at the min, had to face my parents and then my bf fell out with me when i needed him, and i feel like ive lost such a lot,


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