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  • codeblue

    I felt that way till May 2002, when I saw the last 10 minutes of the Dateline Special about the pedophile problem in the WTBS.

    How can they charge the Catholics as being evil with their pedophile problem and IGNORE their own pedophile problem? Hypocrisy! How could I in good faith go door to door knowing that they have scandalous coverups that bring severe emotional scars to people for the rest of their life? Does Jehovah support an organization that blatantly chooses to not keep his divine name in high honor? I don't think he does. IF it is a brotherhood of love, why do they only want my publisher card and NOT get to know me? Where is the love?

    The only thing I can say is this: do your research!!!

  • deeskis
    Once the blinkers are completely off there is no going back

    Well said Bluesbrother.

    NYC Kid: ain't that the truth!

    Undercover: excellent points

    Terry: Smokin!

    best wishes D

  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    Well, I felt like you...and what I realized it that they do have the truth over the other churches in leaps and evidently some of the men in the past did have God's spirit.. like Russell and Franz and others but I truly believe God's spirit has left the org. and they are "making the word of God invalid by their traditions". They have made themselves into someone to be OBEYED or their head is CUT off...(disfellowshipped). We don't need an organization ordering us around...We only need he alone is the mediator between God and man. Remember the scriptures about how the slave would become evil and beat his fellow servants...I believe this is what has happened....what do you think???? PM me if you'ld like.

  • diamondblue1974


    Being scared that it is the truth is natural and totally acceptable especially as you have been brought up in it as I was. It is however part of the whole mind control tactic and this will only stop when you either change the way you think or spend less time away from such a controlling environment. The process however is gradual.

    Another way of controlling peoples thoughts is to operate a system of social control such as peer pressure, how many times have you looked over at the person in the watchtower and felt guilty for not preparing for the meeting? If you arent doing what everyone else is doing how much are you invited to social outings? If you leave you will be shunned - this speaks volumes about the social pressures placed upon people and you yourself have experienced these things yet you are still wondering, still scared.

    Let me tell you that that is what they want you to be, humbly in submission to their theorcratic order, i.e scared shitless that you wont get through at Armageddon that you will do almost anything, you will deny yourself of almost everything, all to be accepted.

    A book I read which helped me was Combatting Cult Mind Control, by Stephen Hassan; his book is not apostate but is a general overview of how cults whether commercial, religious or otherwise control their members; it also provides some useful strategies to help yourself identify your vulnerable areas and to stay away from controlling environments.

    I read it with open mind and was staggered by the similarities between the witnesses and other well known cults in the world.

    If you want my copy (as I am finished with it) PM me and I will arrange to send it; you wont look back afterwards.


  • lv4fer

    NO, ah No and Not at all, oh did I say NO! Really, when I was in I wasn't scared because I thought it was the Truth, then when I realized it wasn't the truth it was all over, and I have no doubt it is NOT the Truth.

  • GetBusyLiving

    Do your research Cordillia. Be strong. Don't let those programmed monkey's manhandle you into thinking they have anything anywhere fucking near "truth".

    The organization is full of people who are pushovers. Don't add to that destructive cult by being so easily manipulated. You have a chance to do the right thing.


  • PMJ

    AULDSOUL.who do you think the true anointed are then?

  • joelbear

    i have read so many other ideas about the reality of life that are so much more logical, that no, its clear the Watchtower's teachings simply don't make sense.

  • undercover
    AULDSOUL.who do you think the true anointed are then?

    This is Cordelia's thread...

    If you want to challenge Auld Soul about his beliefs, start your own thread.

  • PMJ

    UNDERCOVER.i noticed you didnt say anything to auldsoul for bringing up false anointed.but as soon as i ask him a question you jump on me.a little bais dont u think

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