Our friend PUTERNUT has died

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  • bem

    I doubt some in his family will even know what has happened to him, and those that do will seek solice with lies that will make them feel better, Those that truly will miss him and do miss him now are the ones that have posted on these threads. Seldom posts bring me to tears {like this one has} Although I had no personal contact with Puternut. I enjoyed his words and felt some of his pain when he talked about what it was like to miss his girls.

    To those of you who loved him and those that will miss him I am so sorry for this loss.

    ~ Dorothy

  • Odrade

    :::I think it is unfair for persons to blame Jehovah's Witnesses or DFing or the Society for Ari's suicide.

    I'd be right behind Nina, supporting her right to give you the black eyes. You spoke without informing yourself. You have no right to get all indignant when we called you on this ridiculous statement. If more people would stand up and pay attention to the damage that the shunning policy, (among others,) has done, maybe some lives could be saved. But it will never happen as long as people like you, who should know better, try to say it is a "cheap shot" or unfair to blame Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    It is inappropriate for you Orobus to use this thread to pontificate. Start your own thread if you must, but your behavior on this thread is offensive in the extreme.

  • Scully

    How dreadful... I'm just gutted to hear this news.

    Ary was a good, extremely sensitive man, who loved and cared deeply for those closest to him. Losing his precious children to the JWs must have been like having his heart cut out.

  • mouthy

    I think it is unfair for persons to blame Jehovah's Witnesses or DFing or the Society for Ari's suicide. Thousands of us are DF'd and we are not all taking our life

    This comment made me extremly angry!!! How dare you call it a cheap shot. Come meet EX JW in persons Hundreds!!!!!! Who have lost everything because of the WatchTower....Yes it was a pity Puter took his life BUT-- when you lose your kids, wife, friends, find out Jehovah -was not who we thought he was> it was the Watchtower... A wicked group sitting in Brooklyn eating ,drinking, using MY contibutions to live it up... Life can look like a bummer. I would have killed my self when they gave me the left foot of fellowship, But I still had one son who had not listened to the Wt & I wanted to help him....

  • Oroborus21

    Oh I see. You are right. It is only because of being shunned that Ari committed suicide. How could I not see that? All of us, including myself, who are being shunned by family, are committing suicide. It's the Watchtower's fault.

    What simplistic nitwits you are who think this. Ari's death is a tragedy. And you are cheapening it by not understanding that and by not understanding that when someone commits suicide it is rarely due to a sole cause.

    Respect the man and what he stood for. There is no doubt that he was torn and anguished by being disfellowshipped, just as we all are who are in the same state. But to use the occassion of his death, as an excuse to post on this thread or others your views regarding disfellowshipping does nothing to honor him and only detracts from what should be a positive memorial to him. I called you out on that and now you would like to give me black eyes, etc. - perhaps because you now and should feel guilty for such crass behaviour.

    I say again Ari was a human being and he deserved better than a politization of his memory.


  • simplesally

    Orobus, he didn't care about being df'd........ he didn't care about his ex-wife not speaking to him. He and she were split before he got df'd. He had moved to a different state, so it really didn't matter that the old 'friends' no longer spoke to him (yes it mattered but it was not the big thing) ... it really was distressing to him that he was without his children.

    I feel bad that he chose to end his life and that he did not give the girls the years away from their mother that they would possibly have needed in order to re-establish a relationship with him. But it was obviously too hard on him to wait and be so alone, so far away. He may have despaired because his daughter married into a 'good JW' family and he probably felt that due to her husband's influence that she not ever come around. I don't know. I do know that he missed his children terribly.

  • Elsewhere

    Oh no.

    He will be missed.

  • Oroborus21

    I agree Sally, I think someone also mentioned economic problems. I am sure there were many things. I wished he had reached out to someone. I feel bad for the girls. I wish they had the chance to get to know him when they grew up. It's sad. I hope anyone feeling like this will reach out to someone else nearby.


  • cruzanheart
    I called you out on that and now you would like to give me black eyes, etc. - perhaps because you now and should feel guilty for such crass behaviour.

    Nope. I don't feel guilty and I don't consider my behavior to be crass, Eduardo. I consider YOUR behavior in this thread to be pompous, condescending, and totally lacking in human compassion.

    HAVE YOU EVER HAD A LOVED ONE COMMIT SUICIDE??? I have: my father, three years ago this month. If you haven't personally experienced the feelings associated with this event, then stay the hell out of the conversation. You don't get it. And thank God on bended knee that you don't get it, because it's one of the most painful experiences a person can have.

    There is a lot of anger and a need to blame someone, something for the loved one's death. In my father's case, and to a great extent in Ari's case, the WTBTS played a large role in contributing to the depression that sent them over the edge to the final solution. And I will ALWAYS hold that against the Society, from the arbitrary rules that dehumanize its members to the point that they forget how to show real compassion, to the letter written to me -- obviously by a lawyer -- that very carefully absolved the Society of any blame for my father's death.

    I will continue to trumpet to the heavens for anyone to hear about how toxic the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society is to its members. I will FIGHT as hard as I can to end their tyranny over their members. And I will not listen to nonsense like yours.

    I work for lawyers. They're my bread-and-butter. But I have respect for only a few of them. Most revel in legalistic jargon that effectively masks any real emotion or compassion for their clients or fellow human beings. You are proving by your words to be one of the latter.


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