Our friend PUTERNUT has died

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  • BizzyBee

    How sad! I had just recently looked up some of his posts because he seemed such a gentle soul and his posts conveyed such thoughtfulness and kindness. Such a handsome guy, too - what a waste! But the pain must have been overwhelming. The damage of the WTS to the psyche extends further than we realize sometimes.

    Just a thought - would it be possible to gather these threads together and print them out for his daughters? Maybe even editing out the WTS bashing parts? Just the stuff about Ari and what he meant to us all?


  • happehanna

    I just dont want to believe

    it is so unbearably sad

    he felt like a close friend

    just can't stop crying

  • Kenneson

    OH, NO! NO! NO!

  • purplesofa

    Suicide is such a hard death to come to terms with.......I am sorry for those close to him that mourn the loss of him. I liked his posts...........He stood out to me.


  • Brigid

    Blessings to you Putternut in your new Journey.


  • Country_Woman

    I hope he found peace......

  • Sassy

    SimpleSally called me..

    We are his family. his blood family shunned him..

    I blame the WTS for the loss of our dear friend.. Some of us can't recover from the loss of our children or loved ones who the WTS takes away from us..

    I'll miss Arie.. I just spoke to him a month ago.. He was concerned about SimpleSally's health.. her fight with cancer.. HER surviving..

  • doofdaddy

    Didn't know the man but I've shed a few tears over him.

    I guess I forget that we are real people on this site with real problems going on in our lives, not just clever names with interesting avatars.

    Maybe I relate in some way. Similar age. Moved to start new life( lives). Missing my kids as they live a long way away and are moving on into adulthood and their own journeys.

    Don't know what's the connection but all I know is we need to build love for ourselves and when that love is overflowing, give the excess freely and unconditionally to others.

    Never too much love

    Damn that's tragic....

  • Gerard

    I remembered when he posted his move to Hawaii. I'm sure he missed his family but he seemed in high spirits.

    I had no idea he was hurting so bad...

  • Gerard

    Here is his last post. I can't help to feel he's talking to us from the other side:


    There is much news to report. It's hopefull when we hear about the news that Barbara is bringing forward. Though hopeful to some, a shruck of the shoulder to others, the news is that most ex witnesses and many others are working hard to expose the watchtower society for their falsehoods and secrecies. A dent is being made in the work we have to do.

    We must also give thought to those who are working hard in behalf of the children who are continued to be molested. I also encourage all of us here to support the Silent Lambs just the same. Though some of the progress is slow, we simply don't give up. Combined we all can make a dent to expose the former organization.

    At the same time I wish to give thought to remember that, though we may be angry at what we individually experienced at the hands of that organization. We should really show empathy for those who are still left in. Some of us still have family members, friends or loved ones left there. And we simply can't be too overly angry at those who are not responding to our efforts to help them. We were in that organization once, and can remember how we felt toward outsiders, no matter what capacity we served in. So I hope we can show a measure of empathy and patience, along with endurance.

    It is with kindness, persistance and compassion that we will make progress. Be prepared to receive them with open arms real soon.

    With much Aloha from Maui, Hawaii

    Ary aka Puternut

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