Our friend PUTERNUT has died

by Nathan Natas 82 Replies latest jw friends

  • lonelysheep

    I didn't know Ari was Puternut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mouthy

    I feel sick...To think that an Organization can have this much effect on a mans life. Thank God his hurt is over- he missed his daughters so.. I remember how concerened he was when one of them had an accident... I just received a tape on" is suicide the unforgivable sin."... Thank God it afirms Gods love aint like the Watchtowers. He KNOWS Puters heart. I got a glimpse of it in his posts, God sees it. I thought it was a GREAT HEART -God is a much more loving force than I... Away to fly Puter((((HUGS))) & Tears...." Those who sow in tears will reap!!!!!!" He cried alot he is reaping

  • BrendaCloutier

    Thank you NN for posting this. The Maui thread might have caught my eye, but this certainly did.

    I feel so sad for him. What a waste. He was definitely killing the wrong person!

  • Narkissos
  • stillAwitness

    I did not know him but everyone on here is honestly like an extended family so it really hurts me to know one of us is gone.

    My deepest condolenscences.

  • hillbilly

    RIP, Ari.

    I saw the early posts and was hoping it wasnt him... I wouldnt wish this on anyone.


  • LyinEyes

    Denny woke me this morning with this news and I feel so sad for Puternut, he always made me laugh. I knew he missed his family but was hoping that life would turn around on that. Wasn't he and Gumby good friends? I know he must be hurting as well.

    Mouthy, you said alot that organization the WTBS, has taken so many lives, including my Mom and my sister. It was in a more indirect way with my sister but she never felt she was good enough, or loved enough and did not have the tools to deal with real life on the outside. She never was like me, trying to dig into the ugly side of the WT and hate them . I wish she would have realized how much of her life had been directly effected by the WT, not just the religious part but the emotional neglect that it left for so many of us.

    I sure hope that Puternut is on that other side, free of all of his pain and maybe he can see things in a different perspective now , I hope that for my sister as well.

    Blondie said what I told someone yesterday,,,,,,." Sometimes, sad things happen in our life all at once and overwhelm us for the moment, but when that moment is one of self hurt, a moment not easily taken back. "


    I am so sorry Puternut and you will be missed .

    With a heavy heart, Denny and Dede

  • wednesday

    This is so sad. He is one of us. I hate that damn org.


  • arrowstar

    Rest in peace, dear one.

  • tetrapod.sapien

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