Our friend PUTERNUT has died

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  • Es


    You will be greatly missed


  • Oroborus21


    I resent your implication. there is nothing in my comments derogatory towards Ari or pontificating in any way; and I have as much right as anyone to put in my two cents on any topic, not just legal/philosophical issues.

    All I am saying is that, I think it is a shame that someone would use his death as an excuse or opportunity to take a cheap shot at Jehovah's Witnesses. Ari was a human being before he was a Witness or ex-Witness. His death is a tragedy as is every suicide by someone not suffering from terminal illness. I hope anyone who reaches this point of despair will take Dave up on his generous offer or reach out to anyone in their life nearby.


  • doofdaddy


    For me there is no common sense in suicide. You are correct. Don;t blame anyone.

    I see a man who's physical body is failing and he sees his options are limited. His daughters appear to be on their own journey. His relationships are not working and his mind is telling him his decisions are limited. It is Ari's call.

    But it is f>>>kin tragic too

  • codeblue

    It is so sad........

    I wish the WTBS could be sued for the "shunning policy"...........it is not healthy and totally cruel.........

  • Sassy
    All I am saying is that, I think it is a shame that someone would use his death as an excuse or opportunity to take a cheap shot at Jehovah's Witnesses.

    well knowing Ari personally.. we know where his pain came from. I've had indepth conversations with him in person and online. No one is taking a cheap shot at the JWs.. We dont' need too.. They were the cause of his pain. They were the reason why the one thing most important to a parent, his children, that Ari didn't have his kids in his life. It is not natural to NOT have your children in your life but the WTS takes them away from us, if we do not obey their rules..

    and why is Ari not a witness? why did he stop being a witness? what rule did he break? He had loved being an elder, taking care of people.. but he could not agree with the injustice of child abusers. He could not cover it up. In the end, he lost everything because he did what was right.

    Ari ended hs life because he couldn't take the pain any more. Pain that the cult brought into his life.

  • Gerard
    All I am saying is that, I think it is a shame that someone would use his death as an excuse or opportunity to take a cheap shot at Jehovah's Witnesses. > Eduardo

    It is not a "cheap shot." If you have read Ary's posts, you'd have been aware of the tragic events -lead by the WT- that destroyed his family and ultimately, him.


  • observador

    I'm so sorry to hear that. I didn't know him personally.
    My heart goes out to family and friends.


  • Mary
    I think it is unfair for persons to blame Jehovah's Witnesses or DFing or the Society for Ari's suicide. Thousands of us are DF'd and we are not all taking our life. For someone to make this choice involves a host of reasons that differ with the individual, and while being disfellowshipped is certainly a tremendous grief and strain for some, it is almost certainly not the only factor involved. No one can say for certain that he would not have commited suicide if there had not been any shunning by his family.

    Eduardo, if someone is already suffering from depression, then having your life ruined by losing your children to this religion (or any other cult) and being DF'd, could be more than some people can bear. Not everyone is the same. Some people can survive the death of a child, others cannot. Everyone's make up is different. I don't know enough about Puternut's background, but it seems that the Organization is at least partially to blame simply because of their shunning rules. If Puternut had been able to have a normal relationship with his children, perhaps things would've been different.

    I hope this poor guy is resting in peace.

  • Saoirse

    I'm stunned. I remember his posts from back when I was just a lurker. What a tragic loss.

    This just strengthens my resolve to fight the Watchtower in any way I can.

    Rest in peace, Puternut

  • cruzanheart
    a cheap shot at Jehovah's Witnesses

    We are talking about the death of a human being -- THAT IS NOT "A CHEAP SHOT." A human life is priceless. We struggle to understand why he chose to end his life. It is OBVIOUS to anyone with half a brain that the majority of his pain came from what Jehovah's Witnesses did to him through one of their more medieval rules: shunning.

    My father committed suicide four years ago this month. He killed himself in large part because of the fact that Jehovah's Witnesses -- his whole world -- treated him like scum because of one mistake made in 50 years of faithful service to that damned cult.

    If you stood in front of me and called either Dad's death or Ari's a "cheap shot at Jehovah's Witnesses" I believe I would feel impelled to give you a couple of black eyes. How dare you sit in your comfy chair with your law degree and pontificate on this subject. How dare you defend a religious group that is responsible for tearing apart families in the name of God and resulting in the deaths of its members. Try a little compassion.


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